Impact evaluation in Indonesia: Evaluation of bundled financial and non-financial services

The Social Finance Programme organized a special event at the ILO headquarters, where we presented the results of the impact evaluation of the bundled financial and non-financial services provision in Indonesia.

With us was Alexandra Avdeenko, Research Director at the C4ED (Center for Evaluation and Development) and Professor in Economics at the University of Applied Labor Studies, Mannheim.

Alexandra shared the preliminary results of one of our most ambitious efforts, the "PROMISE IMPACT" project in Indonesia, where we are working with 13 financial service providers (FSPs) to test “bundled services”. Partner FSPs include rural banks, development banks, and credit and saving cooperatives. All these partners want to contribute more to enterprise development by offering (internally) business development support to their existing clients.

While the impact of providing enterprise development and financial services has often been measured separately, PROMISE IMPACT (and Alexandra’s presentation) is trying to measure client impact when the two are provided in tandem or as a bundled product.

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