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Greening SMEs

SMEs, including micro enterprises, are increasingly affected by climate change and environmental degradation. More frequent extreme weather conditions, increasing heat stress, resource scarcity and the legislative and regulatory action driving the shift towards a more environmentally sustainable economy have significant implications on the resilience, productivity and profitability of SMEs, which are vital for economic development and decent work.

In this context, SMEs are facing challenges adopting green practices and seizing new green opportunities due to limited access to knowledge, technologies, finance and market opportunities. This prevents many SMEs from making their full contribution to the transition towards a net-zero future.

The ILO SME Unit is working to ensure that SMEs benefit from and contribute to a Just Transition. This requires a systemic approach and a range of services to not only uplift but empower entrepreneurs and SMEs, in the formal and informal economy, to overcome existing barriers and thrive in green and inclusive economies. Together with governments, social partners and other stakeholders, the Unit seeks to support SMEs in:
  • Leveraging or adopting environmentally sustainable business practices;
  • Strengthening business resilience to climate change and environmental shocks and challenges; and
  • Innovating and seizing business opportunities focusing on green sectors and value chains, and the circular economy.

Latest news

  1. Publication

    Green Business Guide

    23 May 2023

    Businesses must incorporate principles of sustainability into their decisions to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. This comprehensive report provides practical guidance on how businesses can achieve this, and ensure profitability and environmental responsibility through sustainable practices.

  2. Article

    ILO SCORE helps SMEs to move towards a Circular Economy and Net-Zero

    25 April 2023

    This month’s SCORE Global Trainer Network Webinar focused on knowledge sharing and promoting the new SCORE Training module.

  3. New SCORE Training module

    SCORE4Climate: Optimising performance through resource efficiency and circularity

    21 February 2023

    The new ILO SCORE4Climate SCORE Training module provides practical information and tools to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) improve resource efficiency, clean production and circularity, with the ultimate goal of promoting productivity, working conditions and environmental sustainability in SMEs.

What we do

  1. Technical reports

    What are the key challenges to improving capacities at enterprise, sector and national levels to identify, manage and adapt to environmental hazards and climate change?

  2. Policy recommendations

    What are the linkages between SME development and a just transition to environmental sustainability, and how can policy makers and the private sector achieve them?

  3. Practical guidance and tools

    How can our constituents and partners systematically and realistically integrate environmental objectives into SME development while enhancing SME productivity, decent jobs and competitiveness?