Tools and resources

Featured below is a list of key resources (Conventions and Recommendations) as well as practical resources and tools for companies interested in aligning their operations with principles contained in international labour standards.

Check out available resources for business on the following topics:

Check out forthcoming webinars and training courses organized at International Training Center of the ILO here.

The ILO knowledge portal connects country information and data on labour laws, standards, policies and statistics. Country profiles provide also relevant information on ILO projects and programmes, publications and good practices.

Guidance on national law and practice:

For information on the national legal context and resources and tools on the national level, please contact the national Ministry of Labour or the national employers’ or workers’ organization.

For more information on the national employers’ federations, visit the website of the International Employers’ Organization, the organization with the largest representativity of the private sector in the world, currently consisting of 150 national employers' organizations from 143 countries (April 2015).

For more information on the national workers’ organizations, visit the website of the International Trade Union Confederation. The ITUC has 176,051,583 members in 328 affiliated organizations in 162 countries and territories (December 2014).