Local Economic Development for Employment Generation, Peace and Security: approaches, tools and good practices in the Philippines

This publication hopes to be a useful resource that will inspire international organizations, development practitioners, government leaders and policymakers both at the national and local levels, business tribunals, and civil society groups.

This publication collects the key insights and discussion points that took place at the workshop on Local Economic Development (LED), Tools and Approaches for Local Employment Generation, Peace and Security that the ILO Sub-Regional Office in Manila organized on 22-23 August 2006.It is a contribution to the broader debate within the Philippine development community on the opportunities and the limitations that decentralization and local governance offer to promote sustainable and equitable economic and social welfare. We also expect it to be an instrument for disseminating good practices, encouraging new thinking and developing new programmes for action.
The workshop provided an opportunity to bring to the fore the personal experiences of people who are
at the front line of change. Development and peace result from parallel transformations taking place in
different domains: political, economic, social and cultural. It is mainly from the practice of those most
engaged in the field that one can appreciate how political vision, economic understanding and social sensitivity
should blend in the crafting of successful programmes. Integrating these different aspects is a main
challenge in the development of policies that will lead to positive transformation. In other words, the challenge
is to create virtuous circles where local economic regeneration, good governance, peace negotiations
and restoring of trust among split communities create visible dividends and reinforce each other.