SCI publications

May 2021

  1. Publication

    Sweetening the potential for decent work. A market systems analysis of the honey sector in the Republic of Moldova

    05 May 2021

    With funding from the British Embassy Chisinau through the UK’s Good Governance Fund, the ILO was tasked to conduct a market systems analysis of the honey sector in the Republic of Moldova. The aim of this study was to better understand the market constraints that limit job creation, higher incomes and greater productivity within the sector, particularly in relation to women and people with disabilities. The study identifies a practical set of evidence-informed actions that address and remove those constraints.

April 2021

  1. Sector selection - Ethiopia

    ProAgro Ethiopia Sector & Region Selection Study

    01 April 2021

    Prioritising potential in eight agriculture sectors

January 2021

  1. Guide

    Value Chain Development for Decent Work

    20 January 2021

    A systems approach to creating more and better jobs - 3rd edition

December 2020

  1. Brief

    Market Systems Development and the Environment

    15 December 2020

    A Strategic and Operational Guidance Note

  2. Brief

    All work and no play

    15 December 2020

    Using a systemic lens to determine the economic root causes to child labour

November 2020

  1. Final report

    Final Independent Evaluation of the ILO Lab, Phase II

    30 November 2020

  2. Brief

    Formally Challenged

    02 November 2020

    Tackling Informality in Market System Development projects

October 2020

  1. Partner Publication

    Action Toolkit: Building Back with Better Jobs

    30 October 2020

    Mainstreaming Business Models for Decent Work

  2. Brief

    Getting Beyond Tier 1

    27 October 2020

    Using a systems approach to improve working conditions in global supply chains

August 2020

  1. Market System Analyis - Tanzania

    Market Systems Development and a Just Transition

    31 August 2020

    Learnings from an ILO experience in Tanzania

  2. Brief

    Bending the rules

    28 August 2020

    How to use a systemic approach to improve the rules of the game

  3. Publication

    Child’s Play

    05 August 2020

    The case for developing childcare services to boost women’s economic empowerment

July 2020

  1. Brief

    Getting Africa’s youth working

    15 July 2020

    Taking a systems approach to create more & better jobs for young people in sub-Saharan Africa

May 2020

  1. Guide

    Market Systems Analysis for Decent Work: A User-friendly Guide

    08 May 2020

    The end-to-end process of a market systems analysis made simple

  2. Brief

    Can development results last a decade? A sustainability assessment of an ILO enterprise development project in Sri Lanka

    03 May 2020