Evaluation of Road to Jobs, Afghanistan

Short description

The evaluation of ILO Road to Jobs (R2J), was commissioned by Sida. The objectives were to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project and to formulate recommendations on how to improve and adjust. In terms of relevance, the evaluation found that the R2J team has developed a thorough understanding of the context in which they are operating, and which they continue to develop. Further, the team has made notable progress in making connections with partners, encouraging work between stakeholders and developed a range of interventions, relevant to partners and context. Regarding effectiveness, significant progress has been made in programme outcomes in the last 9 to 10 months thanks to a flexible and collaborative approach. However, some evidence is lacking to understand whether there has been a systemic change in all relevant value chains. There is still potential for sustainability as it has been considered from the start, and there is evidence of partners adopting innovations and there are examples of adaptation. More elaborate conclusions and recommendations are available in the executive summary of the report.