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Instructional material | 23 May 2022
What have we learned about applying the market systems development (MSD) approach? Check out our collection of publications below, which includes guidance, thematic briefs and case studies that can help you grapple with key issues related to MSD and Decent Work. Here, you can learn about: the foundation of the approach and how to apply it at different project stages; its application in relation to different employment-related outcomes including specific decent work challenges and target groups; its application in specific thematic areas and sectors; and about the ILO’s track record and impact in using MSD.

Learn the foundations of the systems approach and how you can apply it in your project

Cross-cutting Sector selection and market systems analysis
Implementation (project strategy, intervention design, adaptive management, etc.)
Monitoring and Results Measurement

Learn to apply the systems approach to employment-related outcomes and to specific target groups

Learn to apply the approach in specific areas such as the environment, rules and regulations, or in specific sectors

Review the impact and track record of the ILO’s application of the MSD approach