Market System Analysis - Mozambique

Decent work, a recipe for growth

Inspecting the restaurants and catering value chains of Mozambique to empower women through skills development and SME growth

Short Description

In collaboration with Moztrabalha, a Swedish-funded ILO project based in Mozambique, the Lab has conducted a market system analysis of the tourism value chain and more specifically of the restaurant and catering sub-sector in the provinces of Maputo, Cabo Delgado and Inhambane. The major objective of the analysis was to identify market system bottlenecks and gender constraints, to allow for the realisation of innovative business models tackling these issues hence developing the market potential for tourism in Mozambique. Check this report to have more information on how the inclusive development of enterprises in the restaurant and catering sub-sector would bring about more and better jobs for women and men in Mozambique!

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