Case Study #1

The Boss Project in Timor-Leste: Thin markets, thick impact?

Diagnosing achievement of employment generation in the horticulture value chain of Timor-Leste and showing the path to adjust the results measurement framework in the BOSS project

Short Description

This paper shares lessons from Timor-Leste about making thin market systems work better for the poor.

The first part of the case study sets out the diagnostic process that led the BOSS project to focus on influential systems like input supply and knowledge, which were perpetuating low-profit and low-productivity work for poor rural producers. The second part documents a journey to arrive at right-sized measurement methods that could capture the real-time changes resulting from interventions. The third part deals with the particular challenges of stimulating systemic change - sustainable and resilient impact at scale - in a post-conflict, small-island context.

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