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    If you are interested in participating in the SCORE Programme as a SCORE Trainer or SCORE Service Provider, please contact us and we will tell you what steps are involved and the requirements for certification. We always welcome new organizations into the SCORE Programme.

The SCORE Programme

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The primary goal of the global programme is the effective implementation of SCORE Training - which combines practical classroom training with in-factory consulting.

SCORE Training is a modular programme that focuses on developing cooperative relations at the workplace. The five modules cover:
  • workplace cooperation
  • quality management
  • clean production
  • human resource management
  • occupational health and safety
Each of the modules includes a joint, two-day classroom training for managers and workers and follow-up consultations with experts in the participating enterprises.

Since inception, SCORE Training has been delivered to over 3100 SME’s globally. This represents a total workforce of over 533,000 workers who have benefited from enterprise improvements, including efforts to develop a culture of respect, trust and communication in the workplace. SCORE Training has improved productivity up to 50% in participating SMEs and boasts an 91% satisfaction rate.

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SCORE Focus On...

  1. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

    A case study on how a supermarket chain in Peru improved inequality with SCORE Training

  2. ILO SCORE Global Covid-19 Enterprise Survey Q3 2021

    Survey results from over 800 enterprises in 8 countries to help identify the key challenges and needs for enterprises, 18 months into the pandemic.

  3. More women in leadership for a sustainable garment and textile industry in Ethiopia.

    The ILO Siraye programme has launched a leadership development intervention on March 2021 as part of its women empowerment objective.

  4. The Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) Seeks the Support of Lead Buyers to Extend SCORE Training to other parts of Ghana

    The ILO is aligning and embedding SCORE Training in programmes of Lead Buyers in Ghana with MDPI.

  5. Rethinking Food Heritage with Decent Work: building back better the quinoa and coffee sectors

    The ILO and the Movimiento de Integración Gastronómico Alimentario de Bolivia (MIGA) launch campaign to promote the gastronomic heritage in the quinoa and coffee sectors through a decent work lens.

SCORE Training and the 2030 Agenda

SCORE Training supports the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals for a better, more inclusive world. Aligning with Goal 5, 8, 9 and 12, SCORE Training helps SMEs improve working conditions and processes, particularly by mainstreaming gender, promoting decent work, achieving cleaner and more sustainable production patterns and enabling SMEs to participate in global supply chains.