Market Systems Analysis for Decent Work: A User-friendly Guide

The end-to-end process of a market systems analysis made simple

Short description

A market systems analysis (MSA) provides a deep but practical understanding of how a market functions, why it might not be serving the needs of a certain target group, and the root causes of underperformance within the market system to address decent work deficits in this regard. Market systems analyses are most commonly used to help project's better target their intervention design at key leverage points to address these root causes in a sustainable way.

For many projects, however, undertaking this kind of analysis may seem like a burdensome and complex process that is not worth the trouble. That’s why the Lab has put together this note to provide short and jargon-free step-by-step guide on how to carry out the end-to-end process of a market systems analysis. The focus of this short guide is on the practical aspects of the MSA process, including how to manage its component parts - such as finding a good consultant or understanding how to orient your research questions.

For guidance on the more technical aspects of the market systems approach see also: