Webinar series on "Navigating shocks and crises: A framework for small firms in developing countries"

The ILO, supported by McKinsey & Company, recently published a comprehensive framework of policy options to help small firms in developing countries to confront shocks. This webinar series is based on the findings of the report, and focuses on the Caribbean, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. It aims to discuss key challenges that shocks pose, and a range of policy options for governments and stakeholders to support small firms during such conditions.

Businesses are impacted by disruptions ranging from recessions and wars to natural disasters, diseases and political crises. While diverse, these shocks can be broadly grouped into three major categories: economic cycle shocks, catastrophic events and market-disruption trends.
Small businesses tend to be hit particularly hard by economic shocks and market disruptions. There are several reasons that explain why small businesses are less resilient than larger firms, including low access to finance and markets, weak negotiation ability, poor cash flow management, low productivity, limited skills, and intrinsically vulnerable workforce.
The ILO Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Unit, supported by McKinsey & Company, published a comprehensive framework of policy solutions to approach and address shocks facing small firms. The webinar series is rooted in this report, and aims to promote dialogue on the different ways in which governments and ecosystem partners can best collaborate to help small business in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions to overcome crises and build resilience.

Webinar 1: The Caribbean

Date: 29 Aug 2022
Time: 11.00 ET (17.00 CEST)

Webinar 2: Africa

Date: 1 Sep 2022
Time: 15.00 CEST

Webinar 3: Asia-Pacific

Date: 5 Sep 2022
Time: 17.00 FJT (7.00 CEST)