The world of work looks different every day. These changes - driven by technological innovation, demographics, climate change, and globalization - are unprecedented in their scale, speed, and depth. They are already radically reshaping the ways in which people work and live. This Summer School aims to stimulate innovative dialogues, training, capacity-building support and knowledge management connected to the Future of Work.

Who attends this Summer School?

The Summer School is for young people with leadership positions and students who aspire to be thought leaders in the debate about the link between decent work and sustainable development.

What topics does the Summer School cover?

In the Summer School, participants will engage with international experts on a range of subjects defining the Future of Work:
  • Work and production in the face of the 4th industrial revolution
  • The platform economy and its impact on the jobs of today and tomorrow
  • Strategies to empower women in the workplace
  • Skills for the future of work and life-long learning
  • Global supply chains and responsible business conduct
  • Evolving policies and practices for fair migration
  • The role of the social and solidarity economy In the Future of Work
  • Green jobs for a just transition to low-carbon economies and societies

What will I learn?

  • Discover the impact of technology on jobs, as well as the risks and opportunities for governments, businesses, and people
  • Have a closer look at strategies that balance social development with environmental sustainability, leaving no one behind
  • Discuss the principles of responsible business conduct
  • Gain insights into the jobs of tomorrow
  • Explore a transformative agenda to promote social justice, gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

What will I be able to do?

There is a real need to understand and anticipate the changing employment landscape, so we can work towards a better future of work. Jointly with other young leaders:
  • develop probable and preferable scenarios of the future
  • draw strategy maps that illustrate a pathway towards this brighter future of work
  • study more in-depth some of the policies and tools to reach the milestones along the pathway
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