My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative

Training of Trainers distance learning programme in English, French and Spanish

Registration for the “MY.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative” Training of Trainers distance learning course is now open!

The online applications may be done at the following links:

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• Spanish:

• French:

My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives. Proper management enables cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members. Moreover, well managed agricultural cooperatives can also contribute to wider development issues such as food security, sustainable use of natural resources and inclusive employment creation.

The My.COOP training of trainers has been designed for organizations and individuals that train managers of agricultural cooperatives. These can include:
- leaders and managers of cooperative structures, such as unions, federations and confederations;
- trainers working in cooperative colleges, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
and other (including private) training providers;
- cooperative officers and extension staff of government departments and agencies.