Course on implementing labour principles in global supply chains

The course aims at enhancing the capacity of practitioners in supply chain management on the ILO international system and experiences in implementing and assessing compliance with labour principles. This includes staff from companies’ internal compliance, CSR, procurement, supply chain management, sustainability, and risk assessment departments as well as social partners’ representatives, third party auditors and representatives of multistakeholder, certification organizations and NGOs. Professionals in companies’ HR, legal and marketing departments might also be interested in attending.

The course is prepared and facilitated by ITC-ILO staff and ILO technical specialists. It also draws on participants’ background and experience by using active and participatory learning methods and technologies to share knowledge among peers.

The course consists of a Distance learning phase (14-25 November 2011) followed by a face-to-face module in Turin (30 November – 2 December 2011).

To know more about the course, please consult the flyer.