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BIPM - International Bureau of Weights and Measures

Judgment No. Session No. Full text
4580 135th Session, 2023 EN, FR
The complainants challenge the increase in their contributions to the Pension and Provident Fund such as it appears on their payslips for January 2021.
4572 134th Session, 2022 EN, FR
The complainant challenges the rejection of his request for recission in which he described the moral injury caused to him by the entry into force of new regulatory provisions.
4278 130th Session, 2020 EN, FR
The complaint, who is in receipt of a retirement pension since October 2006, challenges two decisions of the International Committee for Weights and Measures, and impugns his “pay slip” for January 2018.
4277 130th Session, 2020 EN, FR
The complainant, who has been receiving a retirement pension since 1 December 2017, impugns her “pay slip” for January 2018.

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