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WCO (CCC) - World Customs Organization (Customs Co-operation Council)

Judgment No. Session No. Full text
4058 127th Session, 2019 EN, FR
The complainant challenges the decision to terminate his fixed-term appointment for serious misconduct.
3324 117th Session, 2014 EN, FR
The complainant impugns the decision to not apply the salary adjustment recommended by the Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneration of the system of Co-ordinated Organisations for officials serving in Belgium, in violation of the internal rules of the organisation.
2780 106th Session, 2009 EN, FR
2715 104th Session, 2008 EN, FR
2565 101st Session, 2006 EN, FR
2483 100th Session, 2006 EN, FR
2354 97th Session, 2004 EN, FR
2353 97th Session, 2004 EN, FR
2352 97th Session, 2004 EN, FR
2020 90th Session, 2001 EN, FR
1696 84th Session, 1998 EN, FR
1669 83rd Session, 1997 EN, FR
1610 82nd Session, 1997 EN, FR

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