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Judgment No. 4388


The application for interpretation is dismissed.


IFAD filed an application for interpretation of Judgments 4341 and 4342.

Judgment keywords


application for interpretation; application filed by the organisation; complaint dismissed

Consideration 4


In the usual course, an application for interpretation concerns only the meaning and thus effect of the decision (and the orders contained therein) unless there has been an incorporation of a consideration into that decision (see Judgment 3822, considerations 4 and 5). In this case, there has been such an incorporation.


ILOAT Judgment(s): 3822


application for interpretation

Consideration 6


The Tribunal notes that in Judgment 4324, consideration 5, it was said: “When an organisation is required to take a new decision after a case has been referred back to it by a judgment of the Tribunal, if the applicable provisions have been amended in the meantime, the organisation must take that decision in compliance with the procedure now in force (see, for example, Judgment 3896, consideration 4).”


ILOAT Judgment(s): 3896, 4324


execution of judgment; applicable law

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