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Judgment No. 4126


The complaint is dismissed.


The complainant, a former staff member of the ICC who had separated from service in October 2015, challenges the rejection of his harassment complaint filed in March 2018 against the President of the Staff Union Council.

Judgment keywords


summary procedure; former official; complaint dismissed

Consideration 3


The complaint is irreceivable. Although Section 4 of Administrative Instruction ICC/AI/2005/005 states that it applies to former staff members, it is firmly established in the case law that the rules governing the receivability of complaints filed with the Tribunal are established exclusively by its own Statute (see, for example, Judgment 3889, under 3). Pursuant to Article II, paragraph 5, of its Statute, the Tribunal is competent to hear complaints alleging “non-observance, in substance or in form, of the terms of appointment of officials and of provisions of the Staff Regulations”. In the present case, the Tribunal finds that the complainant, a former official of the ICC, does not allege any breach of his terms of appointment or of ICC Staff Rules applicable to him while he was still an ICC official. His complaint, which does not fall within the competence of the Tribunal, is therefore clearly irreceivable and must be summarily dismissed in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 7 of the Rules of the Tribunal.


ILOAT reference: Article 7 of the Rules; Article II, paragraph 5, of the Statute
ILOAT Judgment(s): 3889


receivability of the complaint; competence of tribunal; summary procedure; former official; ratione personae

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