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Ocean Explorer


Abandonment ID: 00632
Ship name:Ocean Explorer
7-digit IMO no.:9303637
Port of abandonment:Mumbai, India
Abandonment date:23 January 2022
Notification date:6 March 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:19
Nationalities:Eritrea(1); Ethiopia(2); Indonesia(1); India(12); Philippines(1); Syrian Arab Republic(1); Tanzania, United Republic of(1)
Circumstances:P&I/Financial Security Insurer: Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (Nz) Limited

Between 4-5 months owed wages. Vessel is in blackout condition since 4th February 2022 which means that no food is being cooked onboard. The hygiene in general is extremely bad and no medical assistance provided by the ships managers.
Comments and Observations:Govt. of Panama (22 March 2022)
In attention to the labor complaint filed against vessel “OCEAN EXPLORER”, with IMO No. 9303637, please be advised that this complaint was presented in this Department by the Capt. Mohammed Osta Al Husseini - Master, and we have proceeded according the regular procedure, looking to obtain a promptly clarification and solution of the situation denounced.

We have tried to contact the Registered Owner, Operadors and Local Resident Agents, regarding the labour complaint filed, and among the most important communications are:
1. Through Email dated March 10, the PMA sent 1st Communication addressed to Owners, Operator and/ or Local Resident Agent, communicating the labour complaint filed against the vessel, and requesting the measures taken to correct such deficiencies.
2. Through Email dated March 10, 2022, the Director of Lilly Maritime Pvt Ltd. – Operadors forward our communication, indicating the following:
Please find the mail from the Flagstate.
You have confirmed the Diesel Supply will be made by 9th March Wednesday. As of now no Bunkers gone.
The Crew engaged while she arrives have not been paid wages. Also, our Crew joined at Mumbai are also awaiting salary and the want sign off with full wages paid onboard.
Please reply to the Flag state.
3. Through Email dated March 18, 2022, we requested the activation of the Financial Security with P&I Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited, duly based in the communication received from Master.
4. Through Email dated March 21, 2022, the correspondents of Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited responded the following:
On the 4th of March 2022, a P&I surveyor was sent onboard to check on the status of the crew living condition, outstanding salary, repatriation details and their communication with the Member. In view deteriorating living condition and the inaction of the Member, the Club has stepped in and paid for fresh water and provision on 19th March 2022 as Owners have failed to deliver despite repeated promises to do so. Please see the attached proof of delivery. The Club has also paid for bunkers and asked its correspondent to arrange for supply of bunker.

As for the outstanding salaries and the crew repatriation, the Club is presently working with Owners to resolve the outstanding payment and disembark those crew members who wish to do so.

Non-governmental Organization (20 April 2022)
All crew have received their wages. 7 crew have signed off on 19th April 2022. Remaining 11 crew will sign off soon.

Govt. of Panama (26 August 2022)
Through email dated June 27, 2022, the P&l Correspondent notified that the Honorable Bombay High Court has granted sale of the vessel, the Court had appointed an appraisal to carry out valuation of the vessel, and once the valuation is completed all potential buyers will be boarding the vessel for inspection. Finally, indicated that:
If all goes well smoothly, we can be optimistic that the sale process will be completed by end of Aug and all the current crew can be repatriated at the same time. ... "

Entered: Thursday - 24 March 2022 at 15:29:22
Last updated: Monday - 29 August 2022 at 11:49:49
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