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Abandonment ID: 00361
Ship name:[Northwind-resolved]
Flag:Curacao(Kingdom of the Netherlands)
7-digit IMO no.:9577472
Port of abandonment:Alang India
Abandonment date:19 October 2018
Notification date:16 November 2018
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:6
Circumstances:3 months wages outstanding. Owner claims it is unable to pay.
Actions taken:20 November 2018: Other
Owner contacted. Flag state and P&I advised of case – no response from either to date. Owner advised to contact the P&I club

16 January 2019: Vessel arrested by the Port State
The vessels Miss Gaunt(IMO:7716957) and Northwind (IMO:9577472) have been arrested by the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court.
Repatriation status:20 November 2018: Repatriation pending
Crew remain on board. Lodestar P & I club is the insurer.
Payment status:20 November 2018: Payment Pending
3 months wages amounting to $72745
Comments and Observations:ITF (20 November 2018)
(Figures 15-11-18)
Fuel 16,3 m3
Fresh water 32m3
Food 7 days

Govt. of Netherlands (23 November 2018)
From: []
Sent: 22 November 2018 16:52
To: Jan de Boer
Cc: Rijn, N.E. van (Norbert) - DGB ;; Aswin Noordermeer
Subject: Fw: New abandonment cases notification

Good day Mr. de Boer, Mr. Noordermeer,

Please be advised of my correspondence in Dutch with Mr. Norbert van Rijn of DGB in Holland.

Please be advised also this matter has our attention as flag and we are preparing for immediate action in the direction of the owner/manager. I will include you in any further communication on this matter. Be advised that Curacao has accepted the MLC amendments with the exception of the repatriation articles, to be dealt with later. We are in the process of doing just that. For the time being, we focus on the P&I insurance and obligations of the owner/manager.

This is a case of non-payment of course, and against all MLC and legal obligation that apply to our vessels. Hence, we will keep you posted.

Kind regards,

Jan Sierhuis, director
Maritime Authority Curacao

ILO/IMO (24 January 2019)
Dear Mr Sierhuis,

I refer to your message last week Friday 18 January 2019 in which you provided information that the flag State is taking the matter very seriously of the abandoned 8 Indonesian crew in Port Alang, India on board the ‘MISS GAUNT’ (IMO Number 7716957), as well of that of the also in Port Alang abandoned 6 Indonesian crew on board the NORTHWIND (IMO no 9577472).

Then you also stated that you were working on the level of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and that an instruction was on its way on which the Council of Minister's Meeting would decide yesterday Wednesday 23 January 2019. Since last week we have seen many disturbing messages, in which you were also included, regarding the very unacceptable circumstances on board both ships. Today again there was a call from the master of the MISS GAUNT who is not able to provide means to his wife and child at home whom he has already not seen for 7 months. He is selling what he has at home to get money to live and feed his wife and child. He is desperate for the payment of salaries and repatriation and because he does not get his owned salaries he does not know what else to sell at home in order to feed his wife and child. I herewith attach his message but I want to point out that we have also received similar messages from other members of the crew.
Therefore, please could you give an update of your efforts regarding an appropriate flag State intervention which is most urgently needed, both in the direction of the relevant authorities as well as the responsible shipping and insurance companies. The crew members have according to MLC standards to be immediately paid and repatriated and under these circumstances we can’t see any reason for further delay. Last week you promised to give un update in the course of this week . In view of that the crew gets very stressed, that there is still a particular sick crew member on board, as well as the very unhuman circumstances also for the families of the crew at home we would like to see a dedicated solution at the shortest terms possible. We are thinking in terms of days rather than weeks, this case is really going on for too long.

I look forward for your early response.

Kind regards,

Jan de Boer (IMO)

Govt. of Indonesia (26 February 2019)
Dear All,
On behalf of the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Mumbai and
on behalf of the 5 crew members of Miss Gaunt who were repatriated and
reached safely in Indonesia on 23rd February 2019, I express our sincere thanks
and appreciation to each one of you who have worked very hard to make it possible.
Please note that the other three crew members agreed to continue on board with
a condition that they would be repatriated soon.
I now therefore hereby request you to kindly speed up the process of remaining 3 (three)
crew members of Miss Gaunt and 5 members of Northwind at the earliest.
Your kind help and assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.
For Consul General of Indonesia,

Andini Fitriliah
Vice Consul (Consular & Protocol)
26th February 2019
Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
19, Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill,
Mumbai - 400 026, India.

Entered: Friday - 5 April 2019 at 14:15:07
Last updated: Tuesday - 9 April 2019 at 17:43:45
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