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[Shamrock - resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00027
Ship name:[Shamrock - resolved]
7-digit IMO no.:9208435
Port of abandonment:Portland (USA)
Abandonment date:20 July 2004
Notification date:20 July 2004
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Govt. of France
No. of Seafarers:11
Nationalities:France(3); Poland(8)
Circumstances:Ship arrested on behalf of creditors. Claim of crew for the non-payment of wages.
Actions taken:2004: Other
Gvt of France: Assistance provided by American authorities. Intervention of FUMA for the benefit of seafarers' families. Measures taken by French authorities to secure fast repatriation of seafarers on behalf of seafarers. Follow-up by French maritime authority.

April 2005: Other
ISF: Advised by ITF that case resolved.
Repatriation status:2004: Repatriation pending
8 seafarers staid on board.

2004: Repatriated
3 seafarers repatriated.
Payment status:2004: Partially paid
Wages unpaid since June 2004. Partial payment of seafarers still on board in the framework of the follow-up in the United States.
Comments and Observations:International Shipping Federation (April 2005)

ITF (June 2005)

International Maritime Organisation (December 2005)
Vessel's new flag: Barbados.

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