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FREE NEPTUNE[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00241
Ship name:FREE NEPTUNE[disputed]
7-digit IMO no.:9146819
Port of abandonment:Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), Sohar(from 27 July 2016)
Abandonment date:25 June 2016
Notification date:9 August 2016
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:International Maritime Organisation
No. of Seafarers:22
Circumstances:The vessel arrived at Muscat(Sultanate of Oman) on 25/06/2016. The crew remains without food and water for almost two months. From 27/07/2016 the vessel was transferred to Sohar. Any of the 22 crews still did not receive salary for the work performed. The total debt of the employer to the crew is more than 400,000 USD for this moment.
Repatriation status:Repatriation pending
Payment status:Payment Pending
More than 400,000 USD is pending in total.
Comments and Observations:ITF (13 January 2017)
From: Oleg Romanyuk
Sent: 12 January 2017 11:07
To: Katie Higginbottom
Cc: Mohamed Arrachedi
Subject: RE: Free Neptune (Lbr)

Hi Katie,

The owners are arranging for a potential buyer to inspect the ship tomorrow with a view of concluding the ship’s sale by the end of this month. There is now guarantee the sale will take place. The Flag State offered to repatriate the crew (albeit without pay), but the majority of the crew are adamant to leave the ship without getting paid first.
The situation o/b is still volatile with 5 members of the crew (out of 22) still on a dry hunger strike, and there are irregular deliveries of the supplies (food, water, fuel). The outstanding amount for the present crew is close to USD605k by the end of December, and circa USD76k owed to the former crew.

With best regards,

ITF (23 May 2017)
ITF will be supporting arrest - currently under investigation

ITF (7 December 2017)
Statement of claim filed in court re wages, and claim for immediate repatriation by ITF appointed lawyer. Hearing to take place 04 Oct. Port authority appealed and had it thrown out. Another hearing scheduled for Jan.

ITF (14 November 2018)
From: Jonathan Warring []
Sent: mercredi 14 novembre 2018 18:04
To: Noh, Jinhak
Cc: 'Jan de Boer' ; Natalie Shaw
Subject: FREE NEPTUNE (9146819) Abandonment ID: 00241

Dear Jinhak,

This case falls into a difficult category also. It predates the entry into force of the 2014 amendments, but has now been concluded, albeit in an unsatisfactory manner.

In August 2018, the crew on board reached an agreement with the buyer of the vessel and were paid 50% of outstanding wages after two years without pay and with supplies provided by local agents and the ITF. The crew were repatriated by the flag (Liberia).

Previous crew who had gone unpaid have not reached any settlement.

I would suggest that the case be considered “disputed”.

Kind regards

Jonathan Warring
Senior Legal Assistant

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