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[Spirit II - resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00011
Ship name:[Spirit II - resolved]
7-digit IMO no.:7648162
Port of abandonment:Naples (Italy)
Abandonment date:23 June 2004
Notification date:2 September 2004
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:10
Nationalities:Bangladesh; Pakistan
Circumstances:Ship arrested for safety reasons - all documents expired
Actions taken:2004: Other
Assistance, including contacting Pakistani and Bangladeshi Consulates and the Red Cross, provided by ICFTU/ITF affiliate.
Repatriation status:June 2005: Repatriation pending
UPDATE: 5 Pakistani seafarers still on board, awaiting outcome of sale of vessel.

Repatriation pending
Payment status:June 2005: Payment Pending
UPDATE: Wages not paid since 01/04.
Comments and Observations:ITF (2005)
The ship arrived in Naples after sailing from Malta without proper authorisations. It was arrested for safety reasons. The crew received food and medical assistance from the Italian authorities. Later also assisted by the Red Cross. The ship was only fit to be sold as scrap. The crew had not received wages since January 2004.

ITF (June 2005)
National TV RAI 2 reported case. PSC and ITF took part. Food supplied to crew by Red Cross and Caritas.

ILO/IMO (February 2006)
Joint letter co-signed by ILO Director general and IMO Secretary General to the Flag State administration, urging them to facilitate the resolution of this case.

ITF (28 March 2006)
Crew hired own lawyer, repatriated to Pakistan, progress in court re. wage claim to be clarified.

ITF (14 July 2006)
UPDATE: It is understood that the vessel was sold by the crew's legal representative and an award was made to the crew. Case closed.

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