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Tai Feng[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00635
Nombre del buque:Tai Feng[disputed]
No. OMI:8558340
Puerto de abandono:An-Ping, Taiwan
Fecha de abandono:15 Diciembre 2021
Fecha de notificación:7 Marzo 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:12
Nacionalidades:China (8); Myanmar(3); Taiwan (China)(1)
Circunstancias:P&I : Unknown

4 months owed wages

Type of vessel: General Cargo
Comentarios y observaciones:Organisación Marítima Internacional (21 Marzo 2022)
IMO Number 8558340 (on IMO GISIS still under the name: JING SHAN 1), flag: Togo, registered owner/operator: Hong Kong, China, currently in An-Ping, Taiwan, province of China , has 12 seafarers on board. 8 are from China (People’s Republic of,), 3 from Myanmar, 1 from Taiwan, province of China. They were abandoned since 15 December 2021 and are owed 4 months of wages. The insurer: Unknown

China (31 Marzo 2022)
Having a closer look into the reported case, it is noted that the vessel in question is registered under the flag of Togo, and the shipowner is located in Hong Kong, China.
We have made several attempts in contacting the shipowner, but has not been successful and received no reply.

The concerned vessel is not registered under the Hong Kong Flag nor located in the waters of Hong Kong.
On this basis, actions to be taken by the Hong Kong Flag Administration and/or port authority is limited if at all possible.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (30 Noviembre 2022)
7 Chinese received a total wage sum of US$16,380 and signed an agreement with the owner. Remaining owed wages will be paid once they leave the vessel.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (18 Julio 2023)
4 Chinese crew repatriated by December 2022. They received part of their owed wages

Entered: Jueves - 1 Diciembre 2022 10:03:35
Última actualización: Martes - 18 Julio 2023 15:23:02
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