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Cobija - fishing vessel


Abandonment ID: 00574
Nombre del buque:Cobija - fishing vessel
Puerto de abandono:coast of Yemen
Fecha de notificación:22 Septiembre 2021
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Namibia (through IMO)
No. de marinos:7
Circunstancias:P&I: Unknown

Fishing vessel
Comentarios y observaciones:Namibia (21 Septiembre 2021)
This Ministry is further notified about the horrendous conditions that the Namibian fishermen are experiencing on the said ship. They have also not been paid their salaries by the owner of the vessel and it is reported that they are only fed with rice, once a week. It was further reported that the Namibian fishermen on the vessel have been left stranded by the company and its owner, a certain Mr. Muhammed Adulla Kader, a Somalian National, who is reported to be in Oman. In recent weeks, it has been reportedly noted with concern that the seven fishermen are facing an increasing dire situation, as hunger and sanitary
circumstances are making it difficult for them to survive on the vessel.

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