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Sam Eagle[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00435
Nombre del buque:Sam Eagle[resolved]
No. OMI:9559676
Puerto de abandono:Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Fecha de abandono:2 Abril 2020
Fecha de notificación:28 Abril 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Liberia (Liberian Registry)
No. de marinos:20
Nacionalidades:Filipinas(16); Ucrania(4)
Circunstancias:The Streamship Mutual P&I Club (20 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2021)

The crew members are reported to have not been paid since February 2020.
Acciones tomadas:2 Abril 2020: Flag State informed

14 Abril 2020: Other
The Liberian Administration received an information from shipowner and the bank that the ship is under arrest and that the bank is taking over the vessel, including payment of seafarer wages, provisions, fuel and repatriation.

16 Abril 2020: Other
The Liberian Administration received a response from P&I that they are ready to respond to any liability to support the seafarers.
Estado del pago:31 Marzo 2020: Payment Pending
USD 85,000 to the end of March 2020
Comentarios y observaciones:Liberia (27 Julio 2020)
On 17 July 2020 by virtue of an order from an arresting Court, a judicial sale of the vessel occurred, with new shipowner taking over the possession, with seafarers wages paid as proceeds to the sale. Seafarer repatriation arrangements delayed due to COVID-19, but will proceed as soon as a new crew are in place.

Filipinas (27 Julio 2020)
We have coordinated with the insurer on the status of the payment of wages and repatriation of the Filipino seafarers. However, we have not received any feedback as to date.
The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) of the Republic of the Philippines respectfully requests IMO to bring this concrern to the Government of the Republic of Liberia.

Liberia (1 Septiembre 2020)
On 24 July 2020, the vessel was re-registered under a new shipowner and renamed as LILA HOUSTON. Seafarers were repatriated and replaced with new ones employed by the new shipowner.

The Administration (Liberian Registry) reported the case as resolved.

Liberia (11 Septiembre 2020)
The vessel SAM EAGLE was sold to a new shipowner by virtue of a judicial sale, to which part of the proceeds where used to pay for the abandoned crew accounts, including repatriation. The vessel was renamed to LILA HOUSTON by her new owners, to which new set crew were engaged. I have attached a copy of the crew list of the abandoned crew, and also for the newly engaged crew. This Administration also conducted an audit and inspection of the LILA HOUSTON on early August 2020 to certify the vessel.

The SAM EAGLE was abandoned by her former owners, and was arrested under an order of a court on April 2020, and that P and I club took over the claim. However, the mortgagee bank took over the crew accounts, and maintenance following the arrest. On July 2020, the Administration received a communication from the lawyers representing the vessel/crew, that all pending crew claims were settled, including all crew wages are up to date. The judicial sale occurred on July15, 2020, and the buyer of the vessel already deposited payment, where the proceeds of the sale was used to settle the crew accounts, and repatriation. Although a claim under MLC, A/2.5.2 with the vessel’s P and I club under the former shipowner, as the banks took over the obligations for all crew accounts and maintenance, the insurers did not provided financial security assistance.

Entered: Lunes - 14 Septiembre 2020 09:12:25
Última actualización: Lunes - 14 Septiembre 2020 09:33:25
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