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Evangelia M[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00396
Nombre del buque:Evangelia M[disputed]
No. OMI:9506708
Puerto de abandono:Kakinada, India
Fecha de abandono:20 Febrero 2018
Fecha de notificación:21 Junio 2019
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Liberia (Liberian Flag Administration)
No. de marinos:21
Circunstancias:On 13 September 2018, the Liberian Administration was informed by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) that twenty- one (21) seafarers onboard vessel EVANGELIA M had been abandoned. The ITF reported the seafarers were in need of food, water, fuel and had approximately $470,314 in unpaid wages, as follows: February $34,727; March $65,766; April $61,794; May $63,364; June $62,866; July $61,582; August $60,166; and September $60,046. The vessel had been anchored off Kakinada, north east coast of India for several months
Acciones tomadas:13 Septiembre 2018: Other
On 13 September 2018, the Liberian Administration contacted Athenian Ship Management, who confirmed that the vessel was arrested, that the crew were owed outstanding wages; however, the crew were supplied food, water and fuel by the operator, that Piraeus Bank had taken control of the vessel (arrest date of vessel unspecified) and had assumed responsibility for the vessel and crew.

On 13 September 2018, the Liberian Administration advised The London P&I Club of the abandonment, due to shipowners failure to pay contractual wages in excess of two months, lack of food, water and other supplies and repatriation. The flag Administration informed the London Club that the seafarers were on board the ship and actively employed under valid employment agreements during the validity of the certificate of insurance from 20 February 2018 to 24 August 2018, and are entitled to their unpaid wages and repatriation.
Following numerous exchanges between the Liberian Administration and The London P&I Club, the Club maintained that they have no obligation to cover the unpaid wages or repatriation following the seafarers abandonment, replying that “neither the crew nor the ITF…brought a claim against or made contact with the Club” before termination of the coverage. They further advised “The fact that no such contact has been made indicates that there was no basis to make a claim during the validity period of the Certificate and that any issues that may have arisen [should] be addressed by the crew or ITF with the ship owner, i.e. via the managers, owner or mortgagees of the vessel.”

20 Diciembre 2018: Other
11 November 2018; The Liberian Administration communicated with the ship’s SRPS in Manila, Philippines, the Evic Human Resource Management to open up discussion on the settlement of unpaid seafarer wages, and also for the repatriation of all seafarers. Referred to an Indian Court order dated 5 November 2018 allowing repatriation of seafarers on board, and shall be subject to the satisfaction of the port authorities.

28 November 2018; The Liberian Administration followed up with Evic Human Resource Management about the issue, and the it was reported by the latter that 18 out of the 21 seafarers on board the EVANGELIA M were successfully repatriated.

20 December 2018; the last remaining 3 seafarers from the EVANGELIA M were repatriated. The payment of wages claims is being handled by local law firm assisted by India International Seamen Welfare. Vessel auction or sale expected by month of March 2019.

24 Marzo 2019: Other
24 March 2019; the Liberian Administration followed up with Evic Human Resource Management for updates on settlement of crew wages, and was advised that for EVANGELIA M it is India International Seamen Welfare who is assisting regarding crew unpaid salary claims. Evic is constantly communicating with them, as the organization is the only one appointed to advocate in handling crew unpaid salary claim in the court.
Estado de la repatriación:20 Diciembre 2019: Repatriated
18 out of the 21 seafarers on board the EVANGELIA M were successfully repatriated in November 2018 and the the last remaining 3 seafarers were repatriated on 20 December 2018.
Estado del pago:Other
The remuneration status is noted to be disputed as there are still unpaid salary claims made by the crew

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