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[Maurits Tuna - Inactive]


Abandonment ID: 00153
Nombre del buque:[Maurits Tuna - Inactive]
Puerto de abandono:Port Louise, Mauritius
Fecha de abandono:21 Septiembre 2009
Fecha de notificación:25 Abril 2010
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Otro (Seafarers' Assistance Program(SAP))
No. de marinos:18
Circunstancias:18 crew members of Mauritius flagged F V Maurits Tuna are abandoned at port Louise by the ship owner since August last year.
We are informed that the ship developed mechanical problems 9 months ago during fishing campaign in the Indian Ocean.
There is a big shortage of fresh water and ship stores.
Some crew members have stated their desire to go home by paying their own transport but they can not do that before the ship owner pays their outstanding wages.
The ill-fated fishing boat is formally managed by RANFIN FISHERIES Company. The Director of this company is a Mr. Raj Sunt of Mauritius while the ship owner is a UK based Mauritius business man Mohammad Amman Sidick.
11 crew members are still on board.
Owners have stopped supplying provisions to the vessel, currently food is being provided by local Stella Maris.
Acciones tomadas:19 Junio 2010: Other
Ongoing negotiations with the harbourmaster, shipping agency, Indonesian embassy and the A oS.
Estado de la repatriación:19 Junio 2010: Repatriation pending

28 Julio 2010: Repatriated
The crew of the vessel,Maurits Tuna, was repatriated at the expense of the Indonesian Embassy, based in Nairobi.
Estado del pago:19 Junio 2010: Payment Pending
Nine months of unpaid wages.
Comentarios y observaciones:Mauricio (17 Agosto 2010)
The crew has given a power of attorney to the Embassy to bring legal action on their behalf for recovery of their outstanding wages and cost of repatriation.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (16 Diciembre 2016)
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Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (15 Mayo 2017)
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