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Pays: Zambie - Sujet: Enseignants

  1. Zambie - Enseignants - Loi

    The Teaching Professions Act, 2013 (No. 5 of 2013). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013-03-22 | ZMB-2013-L-94943

    Establishes the Teaching Council of Zambia and defines its functions and powers. Regulates the employment and practice of teachers as well as the registration and accreditation of colleges of education.

  2. Zambie - Enseignants - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Teaching Service (Pensions) (Amendment) Regulations 1990. S.I. No. 26.

    Adoption: 1990-02-08 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1989-08-18 | ZMB-1990-R-9469

    Amendments in respect of, inter alia, the definition of "Pensionable age" to mean the fifty-fifth anniversary of an officer's date of birth.

  3. Zambie - Enseignants - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    The Teaching Service (Pensions) (Amendment) Regulations 1987. Statutory Instrument No. 98.

    Adoption: 1987-04-20 | ZMB-1987-R-3397

    Amends or replaces most of the regulations contained in the Teaching Service (Pensions) Regulations, particularly in regard to contributions, retirement age and compulsory retirement, partial lump-sum payments, the calculation of pensions and survivors' benefits. New Regulations 4 and 4A establish the Teaching Service (Pensions) Fund and its Board.

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