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Pays: Vanuatu - Sujet: Mineurs

  1. Vanuatu - Mineurs - Loi

    Mines and Minerals Act [Cap 190]. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1986-09-01 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1986-09-01 | VUT-1986-L-88481

    This Act makes provision for the control of mining and related operations in Vanuatu
    The Act consists of 90 sections divided into 19 Parts: Interpretation (I); Property in Minerals to Vest in the Republic of Vanuatu (II); Service of Notices and Documents, etc.(III); Administration (IV); General Provisions Relating to Licences (V); Exploration Licences (VI); Prospecting Licences (VII); Work Programme Under Exploration and Prospecting Licences (VIII); Mining Licences (IX); Relinquishment (X); Cancellation and Force Majeure (XI); Miscellaneous(XII); Prospecting Permits and Claims (XIII); Quarry Permits (XIV); Financial Provisions, Royalties (XV); Restrictions and Surface Flights (XVI); Offences, Penalties and Proceedings (XVII); Regulations (XVIII); Repeal and Savings (XIX).
    The property in minerals, in their natural condition, in land is vested in the Republic of Vanuatu (sect. 2). This Act shall apply in relation to the seabed and subsoil of the continental shelf and beneath the waters of the exclusive economic zone, as it applies in relation to land. There shall be appointed a public servant to be known as the Commissioner for Mines and Minerals under section 6. Licences for exploration, prospecting, or mining shall be granted by the Minister or the Commissioner.

    In particular, this Act makes provision for companies to make it a priority to employ and train Vanuatu citizens and penalizes companies that do not provide for the occupational health and safety of their employees.

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