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Pays: Trinité-et-Tobago - Sujet: Conditions de travail

  1. Trinité-et-Tobago - Conditions de travail - Loi

    Prison Service Act (Cap. 13:02). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1966-08-27 | TTO-1966-L-105218

    An Act to make provision for the establishment and the classification of the Prison Service, for the establishment of procedures for negotiation and consultation between the Government and members of the Prison Service for the settlement of disputes, and for other matters concerning the relationship between the Government and the Prison Service.

  2. Trinité-et-Tobago - Conditions de travail - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Employment of Women (Night Work) Regulations.

    Adoption: 1940 | TTO-1940-R-71662

  3. Trinité-et-Tobago - Conditions de travail - Loi

    Employment of Women (Night Work) Act (Ch. 88:12)

    Adoption: 1939-04-20 | TTO-1939-L-71660

    Prohibits the employment of women in night work in industrial undertakings (Art. 5). Exceptions include work in undertakings in which only family members are employed; women holding responsible positions not engaged in manual work; the night work was due to a cause beyond control; working involving the preparing and packing of fresh fruit for immediate shipment (Art. 6).

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