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  1. Suède - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Seafarers' Hours of Work Ordinance (1970:550).

    Adoption: 1970-09-18 | SWE-1970-R-17559

    Under the Seafarers' Hours of Work Act, 1970 (No. 105). Repeals the Administration Order of 1960 (No. 13) under the Seafarers Hours of Work Act, 1970 (No. 105). Repeals the Administrative Order of 1960 (No. 13) under the Seafarers' Hours of Work Act (No. 404 of 30 June 1959/4.

  2. Suède - - Loi

    An Act to amend [ss. 23, 24 and 95 of] the Protection of Children Act, 1960 (No. 97).

    Adoption: 1970-06-29 | SWE-1970-L-17555

  3. Suède - - Loi

    An Act respecting patents applied for.

    Adoption: 1970-06-29 | SWE-1970-L-17556

    Repeals the Act (No. 59) of 1899 on the same subject.

  4. Suède - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Order respecting patents applied for.

    Adoption: 1970-06-29 | SWE-1970-R-17557

  5. Suède - - Loi

    An Act to amend the Act (No. 729) of 1960 respecting the copyright of literary and artistic works.

    Adoption: 1970-06-29 | SWE-1970-L-17558

  6. Suède - - Loi

    An Act to amend [ss. 1, 10, 13, 27, 29 and 38 of] the State Officials Act, 1965 (No. 274).

    Adoption: 1970-06-17 | SWE-1970-L-17553

    An Act

  7. Suède - - Loi

    An Act respecting the employer's right to make deductions from wages to offset payments due.

    Adoption: 1970-05-27 | SWE-1970-L-17551

  8. Suède - - Loi

    General Hours of Work Act.

    Adoption: 1970-04-10 | SWE-1970-L-17549

    Repeals Hours of Work Act (No. 138/1 of 1930), the Hours of Work (Agriculture) Act of 1948/2, the Act (No. 652/3) of 1942 respecting hours of work in the retail trade and the Act (No. 216) respecting hours of work in hotels, restaurants and cafés.

  9. Suède - - Loi

    Seafarers' Hours of Work Act.

    Adoption: 1970-04-10 | SWE-1970-L-17550

    Repeals the Seafarers' Hours of work Act, 1959/4 (No. 404).

  10. Suède - - Accord international

    Agreement between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to amend the Social Security Convention of 15 Sep. 1955/2 between those States.

    Adoption: 1969-12-02 | INT-1969-IA-17836

    Amends Arts. 2, 3, 4, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5, 5a and 5b.

  11. Suède - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Ordinance to amend the Ordinance of 14 April 1961 (No. 87) respecting the mustering of seamen.

    Adoption: 1969-05-23 | SWE-1969-R-18030

  12. Suède - - Loi

    An Act respecting the restriction of social benefits during labour disputes.

    Adoption: 1969-05-14 | SWE-1969-L-18028

    Withdrawal of relief in the case of employers and workers involved in an industrial dispute.

  13. Suède - - Accord international

    Agreement concerning the employment of Turkish workers in Sweden.

    Adoption: 1967-03-10 | INT-1967-IA-18850

  14. Suède - - Accord international

    Agreement to provide for the transfer of members of a sickness fund in one of the signatory States to a sickness fund in one of the other States and for the grant of sickness allowances to persons temporarily resident in such States.

    Adoption: 1967-02-24 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1967-04-01 | INT-1967-IA-18838

    Repeals the Agreement of 19 Dec. 1956 on the same subject between Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

  15. Suède - - Accord international

    Convention to amend the Social Security Convention concluded on 15 Sep. 1955.

    Adoption: 1967-02-01 | INT-1967-IA-18837

    Amends Arts. 2 to 4 (benefits payable in the event of reduced working capacity and survivors' and old-age benefits) and 17 (children's allowances).

  16. Suède - - Loi

    Act (1967:531) respecting retirement pensions. (Lag (1967:531) om tryggande av pensionsutfästelse m.m.) - Act on-line in Swedish (consolidated version)

    Adoption: 1967 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1968-03-01 | SWE-1967-L-82606

    General Provisions (arts. 1-4)
    Account of Pension Debt (arts. 5-8)
    Pension Foundation (arts. 9-22)
    Cessation of Business (arts. 23-26)
    Staff Foundation (arts. 27-30)
    Supervision (arts. 31-36)
    Penalty (art. 37)

  17. Suède - - Loi

    Penal Code (1962:700). (Brottsbalk (1962:700)) - English translation (Chapter 6) English translation Code on-line in Swedish, Basic Text Code on-line in Swedish, Consolidated Text

    Adoption: 1962-12-21 | SWE-1962-L-53916

    The consolidation of the Code includes amending texts through March 2015 (up to Act 2015:97). The consolidated text includes various amendments.

    Contains 3 sections and 38 chapters concerning, inter alia:

    Section I: General Provisions.
    Chapter 1: About law and criminal sanctions.
    Chapter 2: About the applicability of the Swedish law.

    Section II: About the crimes.
    Chapter 3: About crimes against life and health.
    Chapter 4: About crimes against freedom and peace.
    Chapter 5: About defamation.
    Chapter 6: About sex crimes.
    Chapter 7: About crimes against family.
    Chapter 8: About theft, robbery and other acquisitive crime.
    Chapter 9: About fraud.
    Chapter 10: About embezzlement, breach of trust and other bribery.
    Chapter 11: About crimes against creditors, etc.
    Chapter 12: About vandalism.
    Chapter 13: About dangerous crime for the general public.
    Chapter 14: About counterfeiting.
    Chapter 15: About perjury, false charges and other perjury.
    Chapter 16: About crimes against public order.
    Chapter 17: About crimes against public activity, etc.
    Chapter 18: About high treason.
    Chapter 19: About crimes against national security.
    Chapter 20: About in-service crimes etc.
    Chapter 21: About violations of soldiers
    Chapter 22: About treason etc.
    Chapter 23: About attempt, preparation, conspiracy and complicity.
    Chapter 24: About general grounds for discharge.

    Section III: About sanctions.
    Chapter 25. About fines etc.
    Chapter 26. About prison.
    Chapter 27. About a conditional sentence.
    Chapter 28. About probation.
    Chapter 29. About sentencing and remission of a penalty.
    Chapter 30. About choice of sanctions.
    Chapter 31. About transfer to special care in some cases.
    Chapter 32. About transfer to special care for young persons.
    Chapter 33. If the settlement of warrants and detention time, etc.
    Chapter 34. Certain provisions of the aggregation of crime and change penalties.
    Chapter 35. About removing the penalty.
    Chapter 36. About the confiscation of property, corporate fine and other legal consequence of crime.
    Chapter 37. About the Boards.
    Chapter 38. Procedural provisions, etc.

  18. Suède - - Loi

    Act (No. 729 of 1960) respecting copyright for literary and artistic works, as amended to 1998. (Lag (1960:729) om upphovsrätt till litterära och konstnärliga verk) - Act online in Swedish

    Adoption: 1960-12-30 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1961-07-01 | SWE-1960-L-52482

    Consolidated reprint with changes through 1998. Contains 70 sections covering, inter alia, scope, limitations, transfer and validity of copyright, other rights relating to copyright, liability and compensation duty, and scope of application of the Act.

  19. Suède - - Accord international

    Notification of an agreement between Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden concerning health care and transfer of social security rights.

    Adoption: 1957-01-21 | INT-1957-IA-36724

    Notification of the ratification of the agreement signed December 19th 1956.

  20. Suède - - Loi

    Freedom of the Press Act (1949:105). (Tryckfrihetsförordning (1949:105).) - Unofficial English Translation Act online in Swedish, Consolidated Text Act online in Swedish, Reprinted Act

    Adoption: 1949 | SWE-1949-L-44628

    The consolidation of the Act includes a total of 48 amending texts through December 2015 (up to Act 2015:151, Reprint of Act). The consolidated text includes various amendments.

    Contains 14 chapters concerning, inter alia:

    Chapter 1: On freedom of the press.
    Chapter 2: On public documents.
    Chapter 3: On right to anonymity.
    Chapter 4: On production of printed writings.
    Chapter 5: On publishing of periodicals.
    Chapter 6: On dissemination of printed writings.
    Chapter 7: On freedom of the press violations.
    Chapter 8: Liability regulations.
    Chapter 9: On supervision and prosecution.
    Chapter 10: On specific coercive measures.
    Chapter 11: On civil claim.
    Chapter 12: On the trial in cases relating to the freedom of the press.
    Chapter 13: On foreign printed publications etc.
    Chapter 14: General provisions.

  21. Suède - - Accord international

    Agreement respecting reciprocal crediting of unemployment insurance contributions (with annexes). Done at Oslo.

    Adoption: 1948-12-18 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1949-01-01 | INT-1948-IA-26133

  22. Suède - - Loi

    Act (No. 320 of 1936) respecting protection against eviction in case of labour disputes, as amended to 1991.

    Adoption: 1936-06-26 | SWE-1936-L-52483

    Consolidated reprint with changes through 1991. Contains three sections to protect workers against eviction during strike under certain conditions, and contains a list of situations where such protection is not granted.

  23. Suède - - Loi

    Act respecting protection against eviction in connection with industrial disputes (1936:320). (Lag (1936:320) om skydd mot vräkning vid arbetskonflikter) - Act on-line in Swedish [as amended]

    Adoption: 1936 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1936 | SWE-1936-L-75017

    Provides rules applicable to protect workers from eviction from housing provided by employers during industrial disputes.

  24. Suède - - Constitution

    Act of Succession, 1810.

    Adoption: 1810-09-26 | SWE-1810-C-90062

    Sets out the rules for succession to the Swedish crown.

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