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Pays: Pologne - Sujet: Pêcheurs

  1. Pologne - Pêcheurs - Loi

    Act of 19th December 2014 on maritime fisheries (Text No. 222). (Ustawa z dnia 19 grudnia 2014 r. o rybolówstwie morskim) - Act on-line in Polish

    Adoption: 2014-12-19 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2015-03-04 | POL-2014-L-101433

    Part I. General provisions
    Part II. Commercial fishing
    Part III. Non-commercial fishing
    Part IV. Administration organs of maritime fisheries
    Part V. Monetary fines
    Part VI. Amendments to the existing legislation, final and transitional provisions.

  2. Pologne - Pêcheurs - Loi

    Act of 5 December 2008 concerning the fisheries market organization (Text No. 168). (Ustawa z dnia 5 grudnia 2008 r. o organizacji rynku rybnego) - Act on-line in Polish

    Adoption: 2008-12-05 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2011-03-19 | POL-2008-L-89644

    Chapter 1. General provisions
    Chapter 2. Fisheries products
    Chapter 3. Fisheries code of good practice
    Chapter 4. Register of companies purchasing fishery products
    Chapter 5. First sale of fishery products
    Chapter 6. Producer organization and their associations, and inter-branch organizations
    Chapter 7. Financial aid on the fishery market
    Chapter 8. Surveillance, control and monitoring of trading in some fish species
    Chapter 9. Fines
    Chapter 10. Changes in existing legislation, final and transitional provisions.

  3. Pologne - Pêcheurs - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Regulation of 16 March 2004 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to determine hygiene and health requirements on fishing vessels (Text No. 522).

    Adoption: 2004-03-16 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2003-05-01 | POL-2004-R-67871

    Detailed provisions concerning safety, health, working conditions and necessary equipment.

  4. Pologne - Pêcheurs - Accord international

    Agreement of the 23rd May 2000 for the establishment of the International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries in Eastern and Central Europe (EUROFISH) (Text No. 11) (Umowa z dnia 23 maja 2000 r. ustanawiajaca Miedzynarodowa Organizacje Rozwoju Rybolówstwa w Europie Wschodniej i srodkowej (EUROFISH)) - Act on-line in Polish and English

    Adoption: 2000-05-23 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2010-06-23 | POL-2000-IA-89789

    1. Establishment
    2. Definitions
    3. Objectives
    4. Functions
    5. Seat
    6. Membership
    7. The Governing Council
    8. Functions of the Governing Council
    9. Observers
    10. The Director and Staff
    11. Finances
    12. Legal Status, Privileges and Immunities
    13. Co-operation with other Organizations and Institutions
    14. Signiature, Ratification, Accession, Entry into force and Admission
    15. Amendment
    16. Withdrawal and Dissolution
    17. Interpretation and settlemend of Disputes
    18. Depositary
    19. Authentic texts of the Agreement

  5. Pologne - Pêcheurs - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Order [of 30 April 1987] of the Council of Ministers to determine professions for which collective agreements may be concluded (Text No. 91).

    Adoption: 1987-04-30 | POL-1987-R-6032

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