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Pays: Népal - Sujet: Droit constitutionnel

  1. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    House of Representatives Election Act, 2074 (2017). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-09-07 | NPL-2017-L-106087

  2. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    State Assembly Elections Act, 2074 (2017). (प्रदेश सभा सदस्य निर्वाचन एेन, २०७४) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-09-07 | NPL-2017-L-106088

  3. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Supreme Court Rules, 2074 (2017). (सर्वाेच्च अदालत नियमावली, २०७४) - Legislation on-line Supreme Court of Nepal

    Adoption: 2017-08-28 | NPL-2017-L-106086

  4. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Judicial Service Commission Act, 2073 (2016). (Nyaya Sewa Aayog Ain, 2073) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016 | NPL-2016-L-102857

  5. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Constitution

    Constitution of Nepal, 2072 (2015). - Constitution on-line

    Adoption: 2015-09-20 | NPL-2015-C-100061

    Part 3 of the Constitution includes the fundamental rights of Nepal which include the right to form unions and associations, and to engage in any occupation or be engaged in employment, establish and operate industry, trade and business in any part of Nepal. Also contains provisions against discrimination, forced and bonded labour, right to employment and other rights pertaining to labour.

  6. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Constitutional Council (Functions, Duties, Powers and Procedures) Act, 2066 (2010). - Laws on-line in English

    Adoption: 2010-01-06 | NPL-2010-L-87486

    Provides legal provisions on the procedures for the appointment of officials of constitutional bodies and on the function, duties, powers and procedures of the Constitutional Council.

  7. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Constituent Assembly Court Act, 2064 (2007). - Laws on-line in English

    Adoption: 2007-08-19 | NPL-2007-L-87482

    Makes legal provisions for the constitution, jurisdiction and procedures of the Constituent Assembly Court to hear and settle petitions relating to the election of members of the Constituent Assembly.

  8. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Constitution

    Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (2007). - Text in English and Nepalese

    Adoption: 2007 | NPL-2007-C-78619

    The Constitution contains provisions for establishing the Republic of Nepal. Contains 25 Parts including Part 3 on Fundamental Rights.

  9. Népal - Droit constitutionnel - Constitution

    Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990. - Constitution on-line Constitution

    Adoption: 1990-11-09 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1990-11-09 | NPL-1990-C-21137

    Establishes a constitutional monarchy based on multi-party democracy, ending thirty years of absolute monarchy. Among its provisions are guarantees of fundamental rights including the right to associate in unions (Sec. 12), the right of equal pay for the same work and to be free of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, ideology, tribe or caste (Sec. 11), the right to be free of exploitation in the form of slavery and forced labour and it forbids the employment of children in any factory, mine or other hazardous work (Sec. 20). The Royal Proclamation promulgating the Constitution, published in the Nepal Gazette, Part I, Vol. 40, Extraordinary No. 37 of 9 November 1990, abrogates the Constitution of 1962.

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