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Pays: Myanmar - Sujet: Conditions d'emploi

  1. Myanmar - Conditions d'emploi - Loi

    Payment of Wages Law (2016) (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 17/2016). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-01-25 | MMR-2016-L-103626

    Provides for the payment of wages in Myanmar and repeals the 1936 Payment of Wages Act.

  2. Myanmar - Conditions d'emploi - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Minimum Wages Rules (Notification No. 64/2013). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013-07-12 | MMR-2013-R-96573

    These Rules have been made under sub-section (a) of section 36 Minimum Wages Law.

    Chapter 1 - Title and Definition
    Chapter 2 - Forming the National Committee and duties and responsibilities
    Chapter 3 - Forming of the Union Territory Committee, Region Committee or State Committee
    Chapter 4 - Forming the Committee for the Minimum Wage and its duties and responsibilities
    Chapter 5 - Relevant Types of Works
    Chapter 6 - Fundamental facts relating to the fixing of the Minimum Wage
    Chapter 7 - Submitting the advice to fix the Minimum Wage
    Chapter 8 - Fixing the minimum wage
    Chapter 9 - The power and obligations of the employers
    Chapter 10 - The power and obligations of the employees
    Chapter 11 - Miscellaneous

  3. Myanmar - Conditions d'emploi - Loi

    Minimum Wages Act, 2013. - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013-03-22 | MMR-2012-L-90652

    To meet with the essential needs of the workers, and their families, who are working at the commercial, production and service, agricultural and livestock breeding businesses and with the purpose of increasing the capacity of the workers and for the development of competitiveness, the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw hereby enacts this law.

    Chapter I - Title and Definitions
    Chapter II - Forming the National Committee
    Chapter III - The Duties and Powers of the National Committee
    Chapter IV - Determining the Categories of Work
    Chapter V - The Particulars to be Based Determining the Minimum Wage
    Chapter VI - Issuing the Notification which Determines Minimum Wage
    Chapter VII - The Duties of the Employer
    Chapter VIII - The Rights of the Workers Relating to the Minimum Wage
    Chapter IX - Assigning Duty to the Inspection Officer, Inspection and Taking Action
    Chapter X - Prohibitions and Penalties
    Chapter XI - Miscellaneous

    Repeals the following:
    - The Minimum Wages Act, 1949 (No. 66/49);
    - The Agricultural Workers Minimum Wages Act (No. 44/48).

  4. Myanmar - Conditions d'emploi - Loi

    Minimum Wages Act, 1949 (No. LXVI).

    Adoption: 1949 | MMR-1949-L-88684

    Provides for the regulation of wages and the conditions of employment in certain circumstances.

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