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  1. Myanmar - - Loi

    The Social Security Act, 1954 (No. LXVII).

    Adoption: 1954 | MMR-1954-L-88686

    Introductory sections
    Chapter I - Scope
    Chapter II - Contingencies Covered
    Chapter III - Benefits
    Chapter IV - Medical Care
    Chapter V - Sickness Benefits
    Chapter VI - Maternity Benefit
    Chapter VII - Hospitalisation Benefit
    Chapter VIII - Funeral Grant
    Chapter IX - Employment Injury Benefits
    Chapter X - Provisions Common to All Benefits
    Chapter XI - Contributions and State Subsidy
    Chapter XII - Other Financial Provisions
    Chapter XIII - Administration
    Chapter XIV - Adjudication of Disputes
    Chapter XV - Penalties
    Chapter XVI - Miscellaneous Provisions

  2. Myanmar - - Loi

    The Leave and Holidays Act, 1951 (No. 58).

    Adoption: 1952-01-01 | MMR-1952-L-88687

    Contains 18 articles. Regulates the taking of leave and holidays in Myanmar.

  3. Myanmar - - Loi

    The Central Statistical Authority Act, 1952 (Act No. 34 of 1952). - Act on-line in English

    Adoption: 1952 | MMR-1952-L-87421

  4. Myanmar - - Loi

    Factories Act 1951 (No. LXV of 1951)

    Adoption: 1951 | MMR-1951-L-88477

    This is the revised text of the 1951 Act. The Act has been amended while the government works on drafting a general employment law.

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - The Inspecting Staff
    Chapter III - Health
    Chapter IV - Safety
    Chapter V - Welfare
    Chapter VI - Special Applications and Extensions
    Chapter VII - Working Hours of Adults
    Chapter VIII - Employment of Young Persons
    Chapter IX - Punishments and Procedures
    Chapter X - Supplemental

  5. Myanmar - - Loi

    Shops and Establishments Act, 1951 (No. LIX).

    Adoption: 1951 | MMR-1951-L-88685

    Contains the conditions of employment for employees working in shops and other establishments as defined in the Act.

  6. Myanmar - - Loi

    Minimum Wages Act, 1949 (No. LXVI).

    Adoption: 1949 | MMR-1949-L-88684

    Provides for the regulation of wages and the conditions of employment in certain circumstances.

  7. Myanmar - - Autres textes (circulaire, directive, instruction, etc.)

    Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1948. - Legislation on-line in English

    Adoption: 1948 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1949-01-04 | MMR-1949-M-87414

    Implements the Registration of Foreigners Act (No. 7/40).

  8. Myanmar - - Loi

    Agricultural Labourers Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (No. XLIV).

    Adoption: 1948 | MMR-1948-L-88688

    The Act regulates the wages and conditions of employment for agricultural labourers.

  9. Myanmar - - Constitution

    Constitution of the Union of Burma, 1947. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1947-09-24 | MMR-1947-C-79573

    Constitution drafted following independence from the United Kingdom.

  10. Myanmar - - Loi

    Police Act, 1945 (No. 6 of 1945).

    Adoption: 1945 | MMR-1945-L-61344

    Regulates various aspects of activities of police. Chapter II deals with constitution and regulation of police. Chapter III provides for powers and duties of police officers. Chapter IV sets forth special provisions concerning additional police and disturbed areas. Chapter V deals with maintenance of law and order. Chapter VI sets forth penalties for police officers. Finally, Chapter VII contains miscellaneous provisions.

  11. Myanmar - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Extract from Fundamental Rules ("G" Circular No. 15 of 1940).

    Adoption: 1940-05-01 | MMR-1940-R-61343

    Regulates carrying out of departmental inquiries. Departmental inquiry is inquiry by superior authority into conduct of subordinate. Section 1 determines when departmental inquiry should be held. Section 2 regulates inquiry in case of inefficiency. Subsequent sections deal with preliminary investigation, opening step in formal inquiry, action on receipt of statement of defence, procedure at oral inquiry, findings and orders, punishments, appeals, suspension, and some related matters.

  12. Myanmar - - Loi

    Registration of Foreigners Act, 1940 (No. 7/40). - Legislation on-line in English

    Adoption: 1940-03-28 | MMR-1940-L-87415

    Sets out the rules concerning the registration of foreigners, including the right of authorities to arrest any person contravening this Act and penalties for violations of the Act.

  13. Myanmar - - Loi

    Trade Disputes Act 1929 (India Act VII of 1929). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1929-05-08 | MMR-1929-L-93081

    This Act extends to the whole of the Union of Burma. It has been repealed by the Settlement of Labour Disputes Law (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 5/2012) however, it may partially remain in force. Article 58 of Law No. 5/2012 provides that "The rules, procedures, notifications, orders and directives issued under the Trade Disputes Act, 1929 may be applied continuously unless and until they are not contrary to this Law."

  14. Myanmar - - Loi

    Trade Unions Act (India Act XVI, 1926). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1926-03-25 | MMR-1926-L-93082

    This Act has since been repealed by the Labour Organization Law (No. 7 of 2011).

  15. Myanmar - - Loi

    Myanmar Extradition Act, 1904 (India Act No. 15/03). - Laws on-line in English Legislation on-line in English

    Adoption: 1904-06-01 | MMR-1904-L-87416

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Surrender of Fugitive Criminals in Case of Foreign States
    Chapter III - Surrender of Fugitive Criminals in Case of States other than Foreign States and British India
    Chapter IV - [repealed]
    Chapter V - Offences Committed at Sea
    Chapter VI - Execution of Commissions issued by Criminal Courts outside the Union of Burma
    Chapter VII - Supplementary

  16. Myanmar - - Loi

    Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 1898-07-01 | MMR-1898-L-61341

    Comprehensive legislation on criminal procedure. Divided into six parts. Part I contains preliminary provisions. Part II regulates constitution and powers of criminal courts and offices. Part III contains general provisions. Part IV provides for prevention of offences. Part V deals with powers of police in carrying out investigations. Finally, Part VI regulates proceedings and prosecutions.

  17. Myanmar - - Loi

    Evidence Act, 1872 (No. 1). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1872-09-01 | MMR-1872-L-61335

    Applies to all judicial proceedings in or before any Court, including Courts-martial, but not to affidavits presented to Court or officer, nor to proceedings before arbitrator. Part II regulates relevancy of facts, Part III facts which need not be proved, Part IV oral evidence, Part V documentary evidence, Part VI exclusion of oral by documentary evidence, Part VII burden of proof, Part VIII estoppel, Parts IX-X examination of witnesses, and finally, Part XI improper admission and rejection of evidence.

  18. Myanmar - - Loi

    The Foreigners Act, 1864 (India Act No. III of 1864) - Laws on-line in English

    Adoption: 1864-02-12 | MMR-1864-L-87417

    Contains provisions concerning the procedures that must be taken by foreigners entering into Myanmar as well as powers of authorities to detain foreigners under certain circumstances.

  19. Myanmar - - Loi

    Penal Code, 1861. - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 1861-05-01 | MMR-1861-L-61342

    Penal Code. Divided into 23 parts. These deal with: punishments; general exceptions; abetment; criminal conspiracy; offences against the state; offences relating to certain provisions contained in the constitution; libel against foreign powers; offences relating to the army, navy and air force; offences against public tranquility; offences by or relating to public servants; offences relating to elections; contempt of lawful authority of public servants; false evidence and offences against public justice; offences relating to coin and and government stamps; offences relating to weights and measures; offences affecting public health, safety, convenience, decency and morals; offences relating to religion, offences affecting the human body, offences against property; offences relating to documents and to trade or property marks; criminal breach of contracts of service; offences relating to marriage, defamation, criminal intimidation, insult and annoyance; and attempts to commit offences.

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