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Pays: Lituanie - Sujet: Agriculteurs

  1. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. VIII-370 on Land Reform, as amended to 2 July 1997 (Text No. 249).

    Adoption: 1997-07-02 | LTU-1997-L-51309

  2. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. I-704 of 15 December 1994 to amend and supplement the Act on agricultural companies. (Text No. 458)

    Adoption: 1994-12-15 | LTU-1994-L-47270

    Amends provisions relating to society definition, distribution of capital, members' rights, private property of land, functions of the society liquidator, material incentive and responsibilities of liquidators.

  3. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. I-671 of 22 November 1994 on forestry, as amended to 23 December 1999 No. VIII-1498 (Consolidation).

    Adoption: 1994-11-22 | LTU-1994-L-57249

    Establishes rights and duties of all Lithuanian forest managers, owners, and resource users to: utilise, reproduce, grow and protect forests, strike a balance between the interests of forest owners and society, and establish the main principles of forest management.

  4. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Land Act No. I-446 of 26 April 1994. - English translation (consolidation of 2002)

    Adoption: 1994-04-26 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1994-07-01 | LTU-1994-L-47757

    Establishes private ownership of land. Delineates the conditions of private and State land ownership and use. Establishes the powers of the State in regulating land relations and provides for continued State land-use planning.

  5. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. I-1624 of 30 July 1991 on the privatization of properties belonging to agricultural enterprises (Text No. 637).

    Adoption: 1991-07-30 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1991-10-01 | LTU-1991-L-35156

    States the objectives of privatization of properties belonging to agricultural enterprises (excluding State agricultural enterprises of an industrial nature), and specifies the categories of workers entitled to acquire these enterprises. Put into effect by the Decree No. I-1629 of 30 July 1991.

  6. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. I-1607 of 25 July 1991 on Land Reform (Text No. 635). - English translation (consolidation of 2001)

    Adoption: 1991-07-25 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1991-09-01 | LTU-1991-L-35154

    Provides for mechanisms for the implementation of land and agrarian reform, its objectives, the privatization of land (including agricultural land) and the creation of a State Land Fund.

  7. Lituanie - Agriculteurs - Loi

    Act No. I-1222 on agricultural companies. - Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (English)

    Adoption: 1991-04-16 | LTU-1991-L-47689

    Governs the formation, administration, and activities of agricultural companies. S. 4 permits a company to establish unions and associations of companies.

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