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Sri Lanka > Gens de mer

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Pays: Sri Lanka - Sujet: Gens de mer

  1. Sri Lanka - Gens de mer - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Emergency (Port of Colombo) Regulations, No. 5 (sic) of 2006.

    Adoption: 2006-10-25 | LKA-2006-R-75338

    Provides that the Port of Colombo is declared a restricted zone under section 5 of the Public Security Ordinance (Chapter 40).

  2. Sri Lanka - Gens de mer - Loi

    Merchant Shipping Act 1971, No. 52 of 1971.

    Adoption: 1971-12-03 | LKA-1971-L-17029

    An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to merchant shipping in force in Ceylon, and to make provision for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto [Part IV: Masters and Seamen] (s. 127: regulations relating to conditions of service, etc); repeals the Merchant Shipping Act (Ch. 367).

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