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Pays: Sainte-Lucie - Sujet: Enseignants

  1. Sainte-Lucie - Enseignants - Convention collective

    Collective Agreement Between the Government of Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucia Teachers Union for the Period 01 April 2007 to 31 March 2010. - Agreements on-line

    Adoption: 2009-09-04 | LCA-2009-CA-88079

    Regulates hours of work, leave, safety and health, wages, recruitment, grievance procedures etc.

  2. Sainte-Lucie - Enseignants - Loi

    Teachers Pensions Ordinance (Repeal) Act, 1992 (No. 7 of 1992)

    Adoption: 1992-01-21 | LCA-1992-L-32908

    Repeals the Teachers Pensions Ordinance, (Chapter 71).

  3. Sainte-Lucie - Enseignants - Loi

    Teachers Pensions Ordinance (Amendment) Act 1986. No. 26.

    Adoption: 1987-01-21 | LCA-1987-L-3277

    Amends the Teachers Pensions Ordinance (Chap. 71) by substituting the word "sixty" for the words "fifty-five" in s. 4(4)(b) and by setting the age of compulsory retirement at the age of 60 years or, in special cases, 50 years (s. 8).

  4. Sainte-Lucie - Enseignants - Loi

    Teachers Pension Ordinance (Amendment) Act 1984.

    Adoption: 1984-03-22 | LCA-1984-L-512

    An Act to further amend the Teachers Pension Ordinance, Chapter 71. No. 1 of 1984. Amends s. 4 and inserts a new s. 4A.

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