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Libéria > Droit pénal et procédure pénale

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Pays: Libéria - Sujet: Droit pénal et procédure pénale

  1. Libéria - Droit pénal et procédure pénale - Loi

    Act to amend Chapter 14 and 15 Sub-Chapter C, Title 26 of the New Penal Law, 1976. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2008-07-22 | LBR-2008-L-92351

    Amends the New Penal Law by making the offences of armed robbery, hijacking and terrorism capital offences and sets out the penalties for violations of these provisions.

  2. Libéria - Droit pénal et procédure pénale - Loi

    An Act to Amend the New Penal Code Chapter 14 Sections 14.70 and 14.71 and to Provide for Gang Rape. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2005-12-29 | LBR-2005-L-85440

    Sections 14.70 and 14.71 are repealed and are replaced by new sections which introduce the offence of gang rape into the Model Penal Code 1956.

  3. Libéria - Droit pénal et procédure pénale - Loi

    New Penal Law of 1976.

    Adoption: 1976-07-19 | LBR-1976-L-42812

    Provides a comprehensive system of penal law. Part I contains definitions of culpability and complicity, including corporate criminal liability (s. 3.2). Part II defines specific offenses, including offenses against civil rights (Chapter 13). Specifically, a person who commits an act of prejudice against another person because of their race, or the race of their spouse, is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor. Termination of an employee within sixty days of his marriage to a person of a different race shall give rise to the presumption that the termination was discriminatory because of the race of the spouse. Corporations guilty of two discrimination offences may be dissolved. Part III prescribes specific penalties and punishments, including the death penalty (s. 50.5).

  4. Libéria - Droit pénal et procédure pénale - Loi

    Criminal Procedure Law (Title 2). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1972-05-08 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1973-02-01 | LBR-1972-L-42875

    Criminal Procedure Law as revised through 8 May 1972. Part I contains general provisions, including rights of the defendant set forth in Chapter 2: e.g. the presumption of his or her innocence, the right to adequate legal representation, and the right to be present at court proceedings. Chapter 8 relates to extraditions. Part II covers procedure in criminal action, including arrests, warrants, and process against corporations. Part III governs sentencing. S. 31.3 provides for indefinite sentences (within the maximum term provided by statute) for felonies punishable by more than one year's imprisonment. The minimum term for a life sentence is ten years.

  5. Libéria - Droit pénal et procédure pénale - Loi

    Criminal Procedure Law, 1969. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1969-01-01 | LBR-1969-L-82588

    The provisions of this title govern the procedure in criminal proceedings in all courts of the Republic of Liberia except where a different procedure is expressly provided by statute or rule of court (Article 1).

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