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Koweït > Protection dans certaines branches d'activité

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Pays: Koweït - Sujet: Protection dans certaines branches d'activité

  1. Koweït - Protection dans certaines branches d'activité - Loi

    Order No. 1/95 of 1995 to prescribe the safety conditions and requirements to be met for scaffolding.

    Adoption: 1995-07-23 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1995-10-23 | KWT-1995-L-42989

    An order of the Municipality of Kuwait City making the use of scaffolding compulsory in carrying out any work two meters or more above ground level. All construction enterprises must use metal scaffolds. Wooden scaffolds are permitted for work on private homes. Prescibes detailed safety requirements, notably by reference to the specifications adopted by the safety Commission.

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