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Japon > Droit constitutionnel

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Pays: Japon - Sujet: Droit constitutionnel

  1. Japon - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Law to amend the Election to Public Office Law [Law No. 100 of 1950] (No.102)

    Adoption: 1996-06-26 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1996-06-26 | JPN-1996-L-46009

    Amends election campaign procedures.

  2. Japon - Droit constitutionnel - Loi

    Law to amend the Election to Public Office Law [Law No. 100 of 1950]. No. 2.

    Adoption: 1994-02-04 | JPN-1994-L-38717

    Changes the electoral system for members of the House of Representatives from a medium-sized electoral district system to a combination of a minor electoral system (274 seats) and a proportional representation system (226 seats). A party that currently occupies three or more seats in the Diet or has won three or more seats in the previous election is eligible to participate in proportional representation elections. A person may be a candidate under both systems at the same election.

  3. Japon - Droit constitutionnel - Constitution

    Constitution of 1946. - English translation

    Adoption: 1946-11-03 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1947-05-03 | JPN-1946-C-27179

    The forty articles of Chapter 3 guarantee a wide variety of civil, political and fundamental human rights, including freedom from discrimination in employment (Art. 14), prohibition of involuntary servitude (Art 18), the right to work with working conditions fixed by law (Art. 27), and the right of workers to organize and to bargain and act collectively (Art. 28).

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