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  1. Finlande - - Loi

    Act respecting protection in connection with work on board ship.

    Adoption: 1967-07-28 | FIN-1967-L-18981

  2. Finlande - - Accord international

    Agreement to provide for the transfer of members of a sickness fund in one of the signatory States to a sickness fund in one of the other States and for the grant of sickness allowances to persons temporarily resident in such States.

    Adoption: 1967-02-24 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1967-04-01 | INT-1967-IA-18838

    Repeals the Agreement of 19 Dec. 1956 on the same subject between Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

  3. Finlande - - Accord international

    Convention to amend the Social Security Convention concluded on 15 Sep. 1955.

    Adoption: 1967-02-01 | INT-1967-IA-18837

    Amends Arts. 2 to 4 (benefits payable in the event of reduced working capacity and survivors' and old-age benefits) and 17 (children's allowances).

  4. Finlande - - Loi

    Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes (420/1962). (Laki työriitojen sovittelusta) - Unofficial English Translation  (as amended) Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1962-07-27 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1962-10-01 | FIN-1962-L-59887

    Makes provision for mediation in labour disputes. Establishes permanent positions for two national conciliators for this purpose, as well as posts for part-time district conciliators. Duties of national conciliators include to preside over negotiations on collective agreements, and to direct the work of conciliation in labour disputes. Chapter 2 deals with stoppages of work and essential services. Chapter 3 regulates conciliation procedure for settling labour disputes. Finally, Chapter 4 makes some miscellaneous provisions. Repeals the Act No. 570 of 1946 respecting conciliation in labour disputes.

  5. Finlande - - Accord international

    Agreement providing for the recognition of contribution periods and periods of employment of persons covered by unemployment insurance who remove from one country to other. Done at Helsinki.

    Adoption: 1959-01-21 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1959-02-01 | INT-1959-IA-25726

  6. Finlande - - Loi

    National Pensions Act (No. 347 of 1956). - Unofficial English translation (2002)

    Adoption: 1956 | FIN-1956-L-62996

    Chapter 1 contains general provisions. Chapter 2 deals with contributions and Chapter 3 with the right to a pension (old-age, disability and unemployment). Chapter 3a concerns national pensions, Chapter 3b care allowance, Chapter 3c deals with changes affecting the right to a pension. Chapter 4 sets forth the procedure to apply for benefits and Chapter 5 provides for the administration of the Social Insurance Institution and Chapter 6 for its financing. Chapter 7 contains provisions on local and regional administration and Chapter 8 on appeal against a decision made by the Institution. Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 contain miscellaneous and transitional provisions. Repeals the National Pensions Act (1937), the Act on temporary increase to supplementary pension etc .(1943), the Old-Age assistance Act (1952), the Disability Assistance Act (1955). Unofficial translation available in English.

  7. Finlande - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Ordinance No. 850 of 1948 to implement the Employment Accidents Act (No. 608 of 1948).

    Adoption: 1948-12-03 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1949-01-01 | FIN-1948-R-74945

    Provides rules for the application of the Employment Accidents Act (No. 608 of 1948).

  8. Finlande - - Loi

    Employment Accident Insurance Act (608/1948). (Tapaturmavakuutuslaki) - Unofficial English translation Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1948-08-20 | FIN-1948-L-66765

    Comprehensive legislation on employment accidents insurance. Divided into 8 parts Part 1 (s. 1-13) contains general provision. Part 2 (s. 14-28a) regulates accident compensation. Part 3 (s. 29-38d) makes provision for insurance institutions and legal relationships between these and policy-holders. Part 4 (s. 39-52) deals with application for, determination and payment of accident compensation. Part 5 (s. 53-54a) regulates appeals. Part 6 (s. 55-56a) contains penal provisions, Part 7 (s. 57-57a) provisions regarding voluntary insurance, and Part 8 (s. 58-67) miscellaneous provisions.

  9. Finlande - - Loi

    Military Injuries Act (404/48). (Sotilasvammalaki) - Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1948-05-25 | FIN-1948-L-86195

    Regulates the right to and distribution of compensation for injuries suffered during military service.

  10. Finlande - - Loi

    Collective Agreements Act (436/1946). (Työehtosopimuslaki) - Unofficial English translation (as amended up to 2001) Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1946-06-07 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1946-07-01 | FIN-1946-L-62989

    Repeals the Act (No. 88 of 1924) respecting collective agreements. Provides measures for the drafting of collecting agreements, their scope and implementation.

  11. Finlande - - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Procedure of Parliament.

    Adoption: 1927-12-19 | FIN-1927-R-45290

    As amended through 15 June 1995.

  12. Finlande - - Loi

    Penal Code of Finland (39/1889). (Rikoslaki) - Unofficial English Translation Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1889 | FIN-1889-L-73924

    Sets out the criminal offences. In particular, Chapter 47 (578/1995), deals with employment offences including work safety offences, working hours offences, work discrimination, violation of the rights of an employee representative, violation of the right to organise, employment agency offences work permit offences, allocation of liability and corporate criminal liability in employment offences.

  13. Finlande - - Loi

    Code of Judicial Procedure (4/1734). (Oikeudenkäymiskaari) - Unofficial English Translation  (as amended)

    Adoption: 1734 | FIN-1734-L-73920

    Establishes the procedures that the judiciary is to follow in hearing criminal and civil cases.

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