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Pays: Finlande - Sujet: Droits de l'homme

  1. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act (216/2010) on the Cooperation Ombudsman. (Laki yhteistoiminta-asiamiehesta.) - Act online in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 2010-03-30 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2010-07-01 | FIN-2010-L-89173

    Contains 11 sections respecting the instruction and tasks of the office of the Cooperation Ombudsman, inter alia, to oversee compliance with a series of acts and through initiatives and guidelines promote and improve cooperation between employers and employees as well as the other systems for staff involvement.

  2. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act (No. 1453 of 2007) amending the Language Act (No. 423 of 2003).

    Adoption: 2007-12-28 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2007-01-01 | FIN-2007-L-79897

    Amends section 39(2) of the Language Act (No. 423 of 2003).

  3. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act (No. 528 of 2007) amending the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

    Adoption: 2007-05-11 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2007-11-01 | FIN-2007-L-79775

    Repeals sections 3 (8) and (9), 20, 21, 25 (1) and (2), and 26 (2). Amends sections 3 (7), 32 (2) and 36 (3), respecting definitions, protection of information and the obligation to give notice.

  4. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act on the Exercise of Freedom of Expression in the Mass Media (460/2003). (Laki sananvapauden käyttämisestä joukkoviestinnässä) - Unofficial English translation Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 2003-06-13 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2004-01-01 | FIN-2003-L-64998

    Contains 26 sections covering, inter alia, general provisions (objectives, definitions, scope of application), publishers' obligations (editors, duty to provide information, duty to publish public authorities messages under certain circumstances), rights for private person to reply to published message and to correct published false information as well as duty to publish such message, liability for contents of published message, means of coercion, sanctions and miscellaneous. Repeals Freedom of the Press Act (No. 1 of 1919) and Radio Liability Act (No. 219 of 1971).

  5. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Freedom of Religion Act (453/2003). (Uskonnonvapauslaki) - Extracts of Act in English Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 2003-06-06 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2003-08-01 | FIN-2003-L-64997

    Contains 34 sections covering, inter alia, general provisions (such as objectives, definitions, membership in religious organisations), registration of religious organisations (procedures, membership, board, duties of members, registration and legal effects thereof, information to be included upon registration, dissolution and applicability of company rules) and miscellaneous. Repeals Act (No. 267 of 1922) on the same subject.

  6. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Language Act (No. 423 of 2003). - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2003 | FIN-2003-L-69099

    Establishes that national languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish. Provides for constitutional right of every person to use his or her own language, either Finnish or Swedish, before courts and other authorities.

  7. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Act (No. 477 of 2001) on the protection of privacy in working life. - Unofficial English translation

    Adoption: 2001-06-08 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2001-10-01 | FIN-2001-L-60664

    Contains 13 sections to protect the basic rights at the workplace regarding privacy and personal integrity, and to promote the handling of the information related thereto. Includes sections on: scope of application, relevant criterias to apply for employers, collection of workers' private data, employer's duty to inform, information regarding workers' health, procedure regarding technical control and use of data, and miscellaneous rules. Unofficial translation (Ministry of Labour) available online in English.

  8. Finlande - Droits de l'homme - Loi

    Personal Data Act (523/1999). (Henkilötietolaki) - Unofficial English Translation Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish

    Adoption: 1999 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1999-06-01 | FIN-1999-L-73914

    Provisions intended to protect the private life and other basic rights which safeguard the right to privacy. Deals with the processing of personal data (Chapter 2), sensitive data and personal identity number (Chapter 3), processing of personal data for special purposes (Chapter 4), transfer of personal data to outside the European Union (Chapter 5), data subject's rights (Chapter 6), data security and storage of personal data (Chapter 7), notification to the Data Protection Ombudsman (Chapter 8), and direction and supervision of the processing of personal data (Chapter 9).

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