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Ethiopie > Gens de mer

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Pays: Ethiopie - Sujet: Gens de mer

  1. Ethiopie - Gens de mer - Loi

    International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL 73/78) Ratification Proclamation No. 791/2013. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2013-06-17 | ETH-2013-L-103978

  2. Ethiopie - Gens de mer - Loi

    Maritime Sector Administration Proclamation No. 549/2007. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 2007-09-04 | ETH-2007-L-85151

    Establishes a Government body reporting directly to Ministry of Transport and Communication, which assumes maritime-related duties currently carried out by various Government bodies to date. The Body is responsible for analysis and working out maritime related issues. It is also responsible for the follow-up and execution of obligations and rights of Ethiopia under international maritime conventions.

  3. Ethiopie - Gens de mer - Loi

    Maritime Code of 1960. - Code on-line in English

    Adoption: 1960 | ETH-1960-L-82484

    Title I - Ships
    Title II - Shipowners, Managers and the Master
    Title III - Regulation of Maritime Employment
    Title IV - Contracts Relating to the Use of the Ship
    Title V - Maritime Collisions, Assistance and Salvage
    Title VI - Participation in General Average
    Title VII - Insurance
    Title VIII - Penal Provisions
    Title IX - Miscellaneous

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