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Pays: Bosnie-Herzégovine - Sujet: Salaires

  1. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Salaires - Loi

    Act on wages for administrative personnel in the Republike of Srpska (Official Gazette of the R.S. No. 31/2014). (Zakon o platama zaposlenih u organima uprave Republike Srpske ) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014-04-10 | BIH-2014-L-100086

  2. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Salaires - Loi

    Act on wages of personnel in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republike of Srpska (Official Gazette of the R.S. No. 31/2014) (Zakon o platama zaposlenih u Ministarstvu unutrasnjih poslova Republike Srpske) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014-04-10 | BIH-2014-L-100087

  3. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Salaires - Loi

    Decision on the Minimum Wage, 2006.

    Adoption: 2006-03-21 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2006-03-28 | BIH-2006-L-78620

    Fixes the minimum wage in Serbia in 2006 at 205.00KM. The minimum wage is to be paid in cases determined by the General Collective Agreement which is included in the Decision. Repeals the General Collective Agreement - revised text (Official Gazette of Republika Srpska, nos. 13/98, 39/99 and 21/01).

  4. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Salaires - Loi

    Act of 18 June 2003 on bankruptcy procedure (Text No. 292).

    Adoption: 2003-06-18 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2003-07-01 | BIH-2003-L-71339

  5. Bosnie-Herzégovine - Salaires - Loi

    Decree No. 1458 of 13 March 1993 with force of law on payments and other personal earnings of workers in time of war or in the event of imminent threat of war.

    Adoption: 1993-03-13 | BIH-1993-L-55889

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