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Pays: Autriche - Sujet: Contrats de travail

  1. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act amending Labour Contracts Act, the Employees Act, Employees of Estates Act and the House Aides and House Employees Act.

    Adoption: 1993-07-09 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1993-07-01 | AUT-1993-L-34616

    Rules concerning written labour contracts, transfers and claims against foreign employers.

  2. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Employment Contract Law Harmonization Act (AVRAG) BGBl. No. 459/1993. (Arbeitsvertragsrechts-Anpassungsgesetz)

    Adoption: 1993 | AUT-1993-L-42827

    Federal Act to conform regulations concerning employment contracts and to amend the Acts regarding employees and domestic servants to EU law. Makes various amendments to adapt national regulations to European Community legislation on this matter. Consolidated text.

  3. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act of 26 May 1988 amending the Contracts of Employment Act 1948 (39th consolidation) and the Federal Forestry Regulations 1986. Text No. 289.

    Adoption: 1988-05-26 | AUT-1988-L-6491

    Inter alia, provides for employees' release from work to pursue training (30 working days annually), governs calculation of time worked and sets forth wage and allowance rates.

  4. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act of 25 February 1988 amending the 1948 Act on contract services. Text No. 147.

    Adoption: 1988-02-25 | AUT-1988-L-6008

    Adds new subsection (m) to s. 1(3) of the Act, last amended in BGBl. No. 641/1987, regarding temporary replacement of postal and telegraph employees on holiday.

  5. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act of 25 February 1988 governing the conditions of service for secondary education teachers, employers in academia and employees in institutions of learning, universities and academies, under the Civil Service Act 1979, the Salary Act 1956, the Contract Service Act 1948 and the Act on representation of federal staff. Text No. 148.

    Adoption: 1988-02-25 | AUT-1988-L-6009

  6. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act of 15 May 1987 amending the 1948 Act on persons serving under contracts of employment [BGBl. No. 86/1948], as last amended by BGBl. No. 388/1986]. Text No. 238.

    Adoption: 1987-05-15 | AUT-1987-L-3959

    The amendments set forth new rates for wages and other payments, and refer to conditions of Austrian citizenship and minimum age in relation to the application of certain sections. Various dates of entry into force are contained in s. VI.

  7. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    A federal Act to amend the Employees Act [of 11 May 1921: LS 1921 - Aus. 1]; the Estate Employees Act [of 26 September 1923: LS 1923 - Aus. 2] and the Agricultural Labour Act [of 2 June 1948: LS 1948 - Aus. 2 ... 1965 - Aus. 3A]. Text No. 544.

    Adoption: 1983-10-21 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1984-01-01 | AUT-1983-L-10006

    Miscellaneous amendments.

  8. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Insolvency Law (Amendment) Act 1982. Text No. 370.

    Adoption: 1982-07-01 | AUT-1982-L-10428

    A federal Act to amend the law relating to insolvency. Numerous amendments, inter alia, to the Settlements Code and the Bankruptcy Code (both of 10 Dec. 1914). Provisions, inter alia, as to contracts of employment.

  9. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Workers' Severance Pay Act. Text No. 107.

    Adoption: 1979-02-23 | AUT-1979-L-12419

    A federal Act to recognise workers' claims to severance pay and to amend the Salaried Employees Act [Text 292 of 1921: LS 1921-Aus. 1], the Estate Employees act [Text 538 of 1923: LS 1923-Aus.2], the Contract Employees Act [Text 86 of 1948] and the Insolvency (Guarantee of Remuneration) Act [Text 324 of 1977: LS 1977-Aus.1].

  10. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act respecting the coverage of part-time workers by the Salaried Employees Act [LS 1921 - Aus.1] and the Estate Employees Act [LS 1923 - Aus.2]. Text No. 418.

    Adoption: 1975-07-03 | AUT-1975-L-14602

  11. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Contract Employees (Amendment) Act (No. 19). Text No. 62.

    Adoption: 1972-02-15 | AUT-1972-L-16319

    A Federal Act to amend the Contract Employees Act 1948.

  12. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    A federal Act further to amend Act No. 292 of 11 May 1921 [LS 1921 - Aus.1] respecting the contract of service of private employees (Employees Act) as amended by Acts Nos. 229 of 1937, 174 of 1946, 159 of 1947, 108 of 1956 and 253 of 1959. Text No. 292.

    Adoption: 1971-06-30 | AUT-1971-L-17118

    Amends s. 23 (7) and inserts a new s. 23a.

  13. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act on patent law (excerpt) (Patentgesetz (PatG), BGBl. 1970/259). Text No. 53.

    Adoption: 1970 | AUT-1970-L-42828

    Provides the right of an employee to take out a patent on his or her invention made during an employment contract. Section 7 sets out an exception from this principle, allowing an employer and employee to conclude an agreement giving the employer patent ownership or user's rights over an employee's invention.In such a case, the employer shall compensate the employee for the invention with an amount corresponding to the value of the invention. Consolidated text.

  14. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act on caretakers (Hausbesorgergesetz (HBG), BGBl. 1970/16). Text No. 93.

    Adoption: 1969-12-11 | AUT-1969-L-42845

    Regulates labour contracts of employees engaged in grounds or house caretaking. Consolidated version.

  15. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Loi

    Federal Act concerning the employment contracts (BGBl. 1921/292). Text No. 65. (Angestelltengesetz (AngG)) - Legislation on-line in German

    Adoption: 1921-05-11 | AUT-1921-L-42832

    Provides regulations concerning employment contracts of employees who are clerks or working in an enterprise where trade law is applicable. Enumerates required contents of an employment contract (s. 6). In the event that employer and employee do not agree on the employee's wages, the employer must pay the usual local amount that is paid for the kind of work in question. Also sets forth duties of employees, and stipulates that the employee must not compete with the employer (s. 7). Ill employees or employees who are unable to work due to an occupational accident or illness are entitled to 100 per cent of their wages for a period of 6 or 8 weeks, respectively. In addition, sets forth regulations governing dismissals. Consolidated text.

  16. Autriche - Contrats de travail - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Trade Ordinance (Gewerbeordnung 1859 (GewO)). [Text 84].

    Adoption: 1859 | AUT-1859-R-49053

    Excerpts of relevant provisions concerning labour contracts, payment of wages, and termination of an employment contract. Consolidated text with annotations.

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