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Australie > Gestion du personnel

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Pays: Australie - Sujet: Gestion du personnel

  1. Australie - Gestion du personnel - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Australian Federal Police (Discipline) Regulations (Amendment) 1990. S.R. No. 45.

    Adoption: 1990-02-19 | AUS-1990-R-9815

    Various amendments concerning absence from duty, malingering, suspension from duty and prohibition on members or staff not to solicit or receive gifts.

  2. Australie - Gestion du personnel - Loi

    Local Government Act 1989. No. 11.

    Adoption: 1989-05-09 | AUS-1989-L-8017

    Provides for local government in Victoria. Section 95 stipulates principles to be observed with respect to Council staff, including the principles of merit, non-discrimination (with regard to political affiliation, race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, marital status or physical disability), fair competition, and equal pay for work of equal value. By s.101, a council must implement long service leave arrangements for Council staff in accordance with the Regulations. Schedule 6 obliges Councils, of 40 or more members, to commence an equal employment opportunity program, the contents of which are specified in detail.

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