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Country: Malawi

  1. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Parliamentary and Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act, 1994 (No. 16 of 1994)

    Adoption: 1994-03-30 | Date of entry into force: 1994-02-21 | MWI-1994-L-40067

    Concerns election petitions in respect of election as member of the National Assembly or to office of the President.

  2. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Industrial Training (Levy) Order, 1994 (G.N. No. 26 of 1994)

    Adoption: 1994-03-22 | MWI-1994-R-37211

    Establishes rates of contribution to the Industrial Training Fund for specific employers on the basis of man-months worked by their skilled workmen. Made under the Industrial Training Act.

  3. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act, 1993 (No. 31 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-11-18 | MWI-1993-L-37983

  4. Malawi - - Constitution

    Constitution (Amendment) (No. 3) Act, 1993 (No. 25 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-11-17 | MWI-1993-C-37982

    Inserts a new Chapter IA relating to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual. Includes such rights and freedoms as, inter alia, the protection of right to life and right to personal liberty, protection from slavery and forced labour, protection from inhuman treatment, protection for privacy of home and other property, protection of freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, and protection from discrimination on the grounds of race, tribe, place of origin, political opinions, colour or creed.

  5. Malawi - - Law, Act

    National Consultative Council Act, 1993 (No. 20 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-11-16 | Date of entry into force: 1993-08-23 | MWI-1993-L-37981

    Establishes a National Consultative Council and a National Consultative Committee to oversee the transition from a one-party to a multi-party political system following the national referendum held on 14 June 1993. The Council shall, inter alia, participate in the formulation of policies and in the initiation of legislative measures necessary for the transition, and prepare the draft of a new electoral law, a new Constitution and a new Bill of Rights. Provides for rules of procedure to govern the conduct of business of the two bodies.

  6. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Wages (General) (Amendment) Order, 1993 (G.N. No. 86 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-09-21 | MWI-1993-R-35966

    Provides for the rates of minimum daily wage to be paid to an adult employee (inclusive of the value of proper and sufficient food or a cooked midday meal). Made under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act.

  7. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Wages (Domestic Servants) (Amendment) Order, 1993 (G.N. No. 87 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-09-21 | MWI-1993-R-35967

    Provides for the rates of minimum wages for domestic workers and related matters. Made under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act.

  8. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Wages (Hours of Work and Overtime) (Amendment) Order, 1993 (G.N. No. 88 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-09-21 | MWI-1993-R-35968

    Applies to all employees who are subject to the Employment Act. States that an employer may negotiate with his employee or employees, individually or collectively, as to whether or not the employee or group of employees may be called upon to work overtime, and such an agreement shall form part of the contract of employment of the employee or group of employees. Where no specific mention is made either orally or in writing, that which is generally in practice for the comparable category of employees in the relevant industry shall apply. Made under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act.

  9. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Wages and Conditions of Employment (Housing Allowance) (Amendment) Order, 1993 (G.N. No. 89 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-09-21 | MWI-1993-R-35969

    Amends amount of housing allowance for workers in specified regions. Made under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act.

  10. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Paramedicals and Allied Health Professionals (Training) Rules, 1993 (G.N. No. 80 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-07-19 | MWI-1993-R-34692

    Provides for rules in respect of diploma and certificate courses of training, approved training institutions and examinations for paramedicals and allied health professionals. Made under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act.

  11. Malawi - - Constitution

    Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 1993 (No. 14 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-06-29 | MWI-1993-C-34717

    Provides that Malawi is to be a multiparty state, and that the provisions of the Constitution are to continue to apply until the assumption of power of government following the first multiparty general elections.

  12. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Constitution (Referendum on Malawi's Political System) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 1993 (G.N. No. 57 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-05-26 | MWI-1993-R-33844

    Amendments concerning publication of books and pamphlets, and determination and compilation of results.

  13. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Constitution (Referendum on Malawi's Political System) Regulations, 1993 (G.N. No. 5 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-02-04 | MWI-1993-R-40063

  14. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Industrial Training (Levy) Order, 1993 (G.N. No. 3 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-01-21 | MWI-1993-R-40070

    Sets out rates for contributions by employers in certain sectors to the Industrial Training Fund.

  15. Malawi - - Constitution

    Constitution (Amendment)(No. 2) Act, 1992

    Adoption: 1992-11-13 | MWI-1992-C-33442

    Provides that the President may at any time call a referendum by which eligible citizens of Malawi shall be asked to cast their votes to determine any matter or issue of national interest or concern.

  16. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Malawi Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1992 (No. 22 of 1992)

    Adoption: 1992-08-27 | MWI-1992-L-31972

    Amends section 2 by deleting the definition "person of African race" and sections 4 and 5 by deleting the words "and is a person of African race".

  17. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Preservation of Public Security (Amendment) Act, 1992 (No. 17 of 1992)

    Adoption: 1992-08-24 | MWI-1992-L-31971

    Provides for rules in respect of detention of persons, arrest pending a detention order, trial of persons detained or arrested under the Act, review of detention orders, Detention Review Tribunal and rules of procedure.

  18. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Investment Promotion Act 1991.

    Adoption: 1991 | MWI-1991-L-50939

    Governs investment in Malawi and creates a Malawi Investment Promotion Agency. Section 12 of the Schedule provides that the Government shall not interfere in the employer's choice of workforce and shall make Temporary Employment Permits available for key investment positions.

  19. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Refugee Regulations, 1990. - Regulations on-line

    Adoption: 1990-06-08 | MWI-1990-R-86509

    Provides the procedures for applying for refugee status in Malawi as well as how this can be revoked.

  20. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Refugee Act, 1989. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1989-05-08 | MWI-1989-L-86510

    Establishes a Refugee Committee, sets out its composition, functions and powers. The principal role of the Committee is to consider applications for refugee status.

  21. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Industrial Development (Amendment) Act 1988. No. 8.

    Adoption: 1988-05-18 | MWI-1988-L-6982

    Amends the Industrial Development Act (Cap. 51:01), in particular by repealing s. 5 and by replacing s. 12 (duties of licensee respecting employment and training of Malawi citizens).

  22. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Law Revision Order 1987. Government Notice No. 150.

    Adoption: 1987-12-14 | MWI-1987-L-6232

    In two Schedules, sets forth pages to be removed from and added to the Laws of Malawi on a variety of subjects, including immigration, the Penal Code, disabled persons, industrial training and regulation of minimum wages and conditions of employment.

  23. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act 1987. No. 17.

    Adoption: 1987-08-28 | MWI-1987-L-4551

    Provides for the registration and disciplining of medical practitioners and dentists and the regulation and training of medical personnel generally. Part X deals with education and training. Repeals the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Registration Act (Cap. 36:01).

  24. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Immigration (Amendment) Act 1987. No. 21.

    Adoption: 1987-08-28 | MWI-1987-L-4552

    Amends various sections of the Immigration Act (Cap. 15:03), in particular regarding business residence permits which are required for any non-national carrying on a business or engaging in an occupation or profession in Malawi.

  25. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Agriculture (General Purposes) Act (No. 11 of 1987) Notice of Commencement. Government Notice No. 62.

    Adoption: 1987-05-11 | MWI-1987-L-3496

    Sets 1 June 1987 as the date for entry into force.

  26. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Smallholder Agricultural Produce (Marketing) Regulations 1987. Government Notice No. 63.

    Adoption: 1987-05-11 | MWI-1987-R-3497

    Licensing regulations issued under the Agriculture (General Purposes) Act 1987 (No. 11).

  27. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Nurses and Midwives (Amendment) Act 1987. No. 10.

    Adoption: 1987-04-07 | MWI-1987-L-3622

    Miscellaneous amendments to the principal Act (Cap. 36:02), including provisions concerning definitions, Council membership, and enforcement.

  28. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Agriculture (General Purposes) Act, 1987 (Act No. 11 of 1987). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1987-04-07 | Date of entry into force: 1987-06-01 | MWI-1987-L-91032

    An Act to make miscellaneous provisions for the general regulation of the agricultural industry.

    1. Short title and commencement
    2. Interpretation
    3. Regulation of the agriculture industry
    4. Incidental and supplementary provisions
    5. Application of regulations etc.

  29. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Public Holidays (Amendment of Schedule) Order 1986. Government Notice No. 99.

    Adoption: 1986-10-27 | MWI-1986-R-3114

    Substitutes one public holiday in December for another in August.

  30. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Companies Act (Cap. 40:03). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1986-04-01 | MWI-1986-L-90374

    An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to companies, and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

  31. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Industrial Training (Levy) (No. 2) Order 1985.

    Adoption: 1985-07-15 | MWI-1985-R-1769

    Under the Industrial Training Act (Cap. 55:08); fixes the rates and amounts of levy payable to the Industrial Training Fund by employers and self-employed persons in the period 1 Apr. to 30 Sept. 1985.

  32. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Mining (Safety) Regulations 1982. Government Notice No. 99/1982. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1982-08-12 | MWI-1982-R-10318

  33. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Mines and Minerals Act (Cap. 61:01). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1981-06-01 | MWI-1981-L-94725

    Deals, inter alia, with health and safety requirements in mines.

  34. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Factories (Amendment) Act 1980. No. 9.

    Adoption: 1980-09-15 | MWI-1980-L-11653

    An Act to amend the Factories Act [Cap. 55:07]. Miscellaneous amendments.

  35. Malawi - - International agreement

    Agreement concerning public officers' pensions. Done at Lilongwe.

    Adoption: 1975-11-26 | Date of entry into force: 1975-11-26 | INT-1975-IA-26274

  36. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Industrial Training Act 1972. No. 20.

    Adoption: 1972-12-09 | MWI-1972-L-16807

    An Act to provide for the establishment of the Industrial Training Fund; for the payment into such Fund of periodical contributions by the Government and sums levied on employers of skilled workmen in certain trades, and on the self-employed in such trades; for the application of such Fund towards defraying various costs and expenses relating to apprenticeships and the supplementary training of both apprentices and skilled workmen in such trades and to the administration of the Apprenticeship Act and of this Act; and for related matters.

  37. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Explosives Regulations 1972 [safety provisions]. G.N. No. 285.

    Adoption: 1971-12-11 | MWI-1971-R-17383

  38. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Handicapped Persons Act, 1971 (No.48 of 1971).

    Adoption: 1971-01-07 | MWI-1971-L-51206

    Establishes a Council for the Handicapped and provides for the registration of disabled persons.

  39. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Aviation (Air Navigation) Regulations 1970 [under the Aviation Act 1970 (No. 7); regulation 16 (composition of crew of aircraft), 46 (duties of operators to prevent excessive fatigue of flight crew), 47 (establishment of limits on flight times, flying duty periods and rest periods), 48 (maximum flying duty period for flight crew), 49 (minimum rest periods for flight crew), 50-51 (records of flight times, duty periods and rest periods; maximum flight times for crew), etc.].

    Adoption: 1970-12-11 | MWI-1970-L-18552

  40. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Widows and Orphans Pensions (Amendment) Act 1970.

    Adoption: 1970-12-10 | MWI-1970-L-18551

    An Act to amend the Widows and Orphans Pensions Act. No. 39. Replaces s. 10 (Pensions Fund); adds. s. 46 (powers of Minister)].

  41. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Retail Shops (Amendment) Act 1969. No. 2.

    Adoption: 1969-05-06 | MWI-1969-L-17842

    An Act to amend the law relating to shop hours and business licensing and for matters incidental thereto. Inter alia, repeals the Shops Hours Ordinance (Cap. 86).

  42. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Censorship and Control of Entertainments Act (Cap. 21:01) (L.R.O. 1/1982).

    Adoption: 1968-12-02 | MWI-1968-L-73412

    Regulates and controls the making and exhibition of movies, the importation, production, dissemination of undesirable publications, pictures, statues and records, the performance or presentation of stage plays and public entertainments, the operation of theatres in the interests of public safety.

  43. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code (Cap. 8:01). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1968-02-01 | MWI-1968-L-90376

    An Act to provide for the law relating to procedure and evidence in criminal proceedings and for incidental matters.

  44. Malawi - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Immigration Regulations, 1968. - Regulations on-line [as amended to 1989]

    Adoption: 1968 | MWI-1968-R-86511

    Part I - Preliminary
    Part II - Immigration Procedure
    Part III - Prohibited Immigrants
    Part IV - Appeals
    Part V - Removal of Prohibited Immigrant
    Part VI - Permits and Certificates of Identity
    Part VII - Deportation
    Part VIII - General

  45. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Arbitration Act (Cap. 6:03) (Act No. 26 of 1967). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1967-11-06 | MWI-1967-L-94721

  46. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Public Holidays Act (Cap. 18:05). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1967-07-28 | MWI-1967-L-90377

    Sets out in the Schedule all of the holidays that are considered to be public holidays.

  47. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Citizenship Act, 1966. - Act on-line [as consolidated to 1972]

    Adoption: 1966 | MWI-1966-L-86513

    An Act to repeal and replace the Malawi Citizenship Act, 1964, so as to make provision, consequent upon the enactment of a Republican form of' Constitution in Malawi, for the acquisition of citizenship of Malawi by birth or descent, or by registration in certain cases; to regulate the manner and circumstances in which aliens may be naturalized as citizens of Malawi and in which citizens of Malawi may renounce or be deprived of their citizenship; and to make provision for certain other matters relating to citizenship of Malawi and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

  48. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Land Act, 1965 (Cap. 57:01) [Consolidated version L.R.O. 1/1982]. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1965-06-07 | MWI-1965-L-86508

    The Act makes provision for various matters relating to customary land, private land and public land and powers of the Minister in respect of such land.
    The Act consists of 44 sections divided into 8 Parts: Preliminary (I); general (II); Private Land (III); Private land (IV); Customary land (V); User of land (VI); Trespass or encroachment upon, or unlawful occupation of, land (VII); Miscellaneous (VIII).
    A Corporation may hold land only with a license from the Minister (sect. 3). The Minister may dispose of public and customary land in accordance with section 5. Unlawful use of public land is declared to be an offence under section 10. Powers of the Minister in respect of private land are set out in sections 11 and following. Customary land is vested in the President and the Minister shall administer and control all customary land and mineral rights thereof. Customary land may be acquired for public purposes under section 27. Section 30 concerns the conversion of customary land in registered land.

  49. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Immigration Act, 1964. - Act on-line [as amended to 1988] Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1964 | MWI-1964-L-86512

    An Act to regulate the entry of persons into Malawi, to prohibit the entry into Malawi of undesirable persons, to make provision for the deportation from Malawi of undesirable persons and to provide for matters incidental to the foregoing.

  50. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Trade Unions Act (No. 32 of 1958).

    Adoption: 1958 | Date of entry into force: 1959-03-01 | MWI-1958-L-56997

    Provides for the registration and operation of trade unions, the formation of employees' associations, the regulation of trade disputes, and other related matters.

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